Friday, October 14, 2011

The Elder When He Was Younger

I am working on a project (soon to be announced!) and for the fun of it, I searched "Glenn and Esther Wakefield" on Google. Actually I was looking for a picture of my Gramma and Grampa. (You'd think I, their favorite granddaughter would have one...) But look what I found!! 
To me this looks nothing like my Gramma, but me oh my, Grampa hasn't changed one bit!
(Except for the hair of course! ;)

Actually, this is the picture that was put in the vestibule of the church in Anderson when they pastored there years ago. My Grampa always teased my Gramma that instead of putting her hand out in a welcoming gesture, she was asking for money. :))

(I found this picture on the Green's church website in Anderson, CA). 

When I type in my OWN name, however...
The first thing that comes up that is even remotely connected to me is a Mexican flag (from off this blog). 
*Sigh*...My reputation precedes me. Literally. 

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