Saturday, October 8, 2011

Twenty One!

 Yesterday was my 21st birthday! When I woke up, it was just me, Dad, and Austin at home. Mom and Nicole had gone to the market... 

...To pick up some flowers for me!
Here is the guy making my arrangement :)
The finished product


They made me close my eyes, then set the flowers in front of me. Aren't they gorgeous?! 
I put them in my room last night, and now my room smells DIVINE :))

Then we got ready and left the house, but no one would tell me where we were going!!
Here is Nicole's sneaky/secretive face 

We drove around for about an hour 1/2 then finally met up with my grandparents for lunch!

Then I opened my gifts...

This was Austin's favorite one of my presents. 
Krispy Kreme gift card in a donut box, isn't it cute!

 And here is THEE mystery box!!
 (See the post below to see what was in the box). 

 I got serenaded...the longest birthday song I've ever heard!

Then we went to Krispy Kreme for donuts! (Much better than cake!)

My sweeeeeeet gramma...and Nicole hahaha :P Nicole is sweet too. 

That night we had childrens church. One of the sisters found out that it was my birthday so she said she wanted take me to get a Molote after church!

I love going to this place, it is just a little shack a few blocks from my house. The lady that makes the food is named Juanita and she is absolutely hilarious!! She always makes us laugh. 

This is Juanita:

Sitting on a cement block :)

The little shack

And now......for the most momentous thing that happened on my 21st birthday.....
Here in Mexico, a lot of times, food that is made on the street is made on a little stove with charcoal to cook the food. (This is cheaper than gas). So they put the charcoal in then fan it to keep it hot. 
I have ALWAYS wanted to fan the charcoal while they make our food! But do you know HOW DUMB it'd sound for a white girl to ask "Can I fan your stove?" No way. I wasn't going to do that. 

Well, last night, I got the deepest desire of my heart!!!!!! <3

What a feeling of contentment I have now. :P

Thank you to everyyyyyyyyyyone for the birthday wishes! Emails, text messages, Instagrams, phone calls, and YES, I EVEN got a card in the Mexico!!!!! (Miracles do happen!) This was one special birthday! <3

(If you want to know what was in the box, scroll down to the post below.)


Mary Frances said...

Awwwww!!! Looks like you had soo much fun!!! I can't believe you guys have a Krispy Kreme in MEXICO!!! I don't think we even have one in AZ!!! The last time I had Krispy Kreme was in the Philippines!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!

Mary Frances said...

Your flowers are soooo BEAUTIFUL too!!! I'm really glad that you got to fan the coals!!! HAHA!!! That sounds like me when the African people let me smash their vegetable with this big smasher thing...where you stick this big stick thing in...hard to explain but pretty cool!!! LOL!

Cherie said...

Awww looks like lots of fun!!! Wish I was there to celebrate with you! :)

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