Friday, February 18, 2011

Youth Service, Outside Service, and Baptismal Service

Friday night we had a youth service. Bro. Chuy (pronounced Chewy) from San Lorenzo came and preached for us. 
He have his testimony and it was so powerful. I know our kids really appreciated it because God has also saved them from a life of gangs, drugs, and violence. 

There was such a powerful move of God that night...In my class on Sunday we had a mini-testimony time about what God did for the young people in that service. They really got touched by God and I am so thankful!

Afterwards the young people sold junk food and drinks outside :)

On Saturday, Elder Wakefield's church hosted an outside service/singing dealy at the park down the street from their church. Of course the young people went in on a bus...

A skunk-dog. 

 "Jesus" wearing a dress...
They always make him look like a woman. It's so twisted. 

We got there a little late and as we were jogging down the street towards the park, still blocks away, we could hear the music and my Grampa's assistant pastor preaching and testifying about where God has brought him from. We could feel the anointing, feel the presence of God. It was awesome!

Praying for people....

Look at the sky!! (Don't look at the spots :)

 This night was the most injury-filled night for me of my life. First I couldn't keep my balance and I was falling into people. Secondly, the wind blew the music stand over while I was holding onto the trailer and my ring finger got completely smashed. Then on the bus, it was so crammed that we had to stand all the way there and I bonked heads with one of the kids. THEN I almost got my finger bit off by one of the young people, I can't say who because they are extremely embarrassed.
Advice: Don't taunt someone and put your finger in their face. You never know what will happen. 
Don't worry...I didn't have to get a rabies shot, but I did have a little bruise.  

So you can see, things are really hopping down here! :-p
Sunday we baptized three young men. 
A man in our church has been giving this young man, Armando, a Bible study for about a month now. 

This next young guy's name is also Armando. 
He first came to a church get-together we had back in September for Mexico's Independence Day. 
A couple weeks ago he wrote 2 love letters to Nicole, telling her how he is soooooooo in LOOOOOOOVE! It was very cute, but Nicole was extremely annoyed. 
Anyways, time will tell. Hopefully Jesus is the reason for his season... 

Even getting dunked in water didn't make is hair lay down. 
I would be tempted to think he uses Aussie Freeze hairspray, but they don't sell it here. 

Then Concepción got baptized. He's been coming for about a year now, very faithfully. He's a good kid, and it's about time he decided to get baptized!

Thank you, Jesus! 


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