Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ditsyness to Brighten Your Day

The other day Nicole was sitting across from Austin, watching him do his math. When he got to the problem in the middle of the page right here, Nicole says.......
"Austin....10 minus 1 is NOT 6!!!"
Mom goes, "Nicole...are you serious? Look at it."
And Nicole adamantly says, "Well! It's not. It's NOT!!"
Then her quiet "....Oh........."

Then yesterday I heard her in the kitchen talking to herself. She was saying, "You know, I've done pretty good with my iTouch. It doesn't have any scratches on it."
A few seconds passed then she started laughing. This is her iTouch: 

I agree. She's done pretty good not getting it scratched up. What's up with the big crack down the middle of it though?

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