Thursday, February 17, 2011

La Kuka

When we went to the States in December, we went hoping to come back with a wood stove. When we got to my grandparent's house, a friend of our family found out that we were looking for one. He said he had one that had been sitting out in his front yard for 25 years and we could have it. 
This is what she looked like when we got her:

She's over a hundred years old...
My dad spent about a week working on her, metal-brushing, then he oiled her down....

And looky what we have now!!
In the winter it gets down to about 32 degrees...and the houses here do not have heaters. 
Well, except us. :)

Somehow she got named "La Kuka". 
Isn't she cute!

She gets so hot we can cook on her. 
Pretty neat. :))

I (Bethany) am a pyromaniac at heart so I have had much fun hanging out with La Kuka....
No one has gotten burned........yet. Bahahhaaha!!

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Naomi said...

That turned out so beautiful!!! Amazing!

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