Sunday, February 13, 2011

Future Wakefield Tradition: Birthday Breakfasts! :))

The birthday girl... in all of my glory... (of puffy, sleepy eyes hahaa :)
 Finally! Here's the post on my actual birthday celebration! ...Yes, MY birthday celebration. Haha. Obviously Beth did not get my hint in my comment... So here I am, posting about my own birthday :))
Okay so I think maybe we should start a new tradition in the Wakefield family. Birthday breakfasts!! Hahaa. Naa... I'm sure I'd have a lot of family members against me on that idea ;P
But this year, everyone's schedules happened to be really full on the day of my birthday. Sooo, someone (I think it was my mom) had the bright idea of celebrating my birthday over breakfast. Being that I'm a morning person, this idea sounded great to me :D 
We have a favorite breakfast place here in Puebla called "Los Almuerzos". It is SO good! Next time you're in Puebla, this is the place to go to... But you have to get there before like 12 because this place does ONLY breakfast. And let me tell you, they do it good! 
So at 9am, the two Wakefield families and Tio Mario y Tia Hayde met at Los Almuerzos to party! Haha...

Austin, hugging the beloved sign :P

Me and Grampa

Oooh, another thing that is a favorite of mine is their cafe de olla!! (translated: coffee in a clay pot. lol) I'm not sure exactly how they make it... But from what I can guess, it's basically 1/4 coffee, 3/4 sugar. Plus a few teaspoons of cinnamon :)) 
So delicious :)

Here we all are, eating our amazing breakfasts :)

Beth, Grampa, and me. 
(See how mi abuelito and Beth are half asleep? Hahaa)

 Ohh and on my birthday, my Grampa's church got a present as well! A long awaited document that I'm not exactly sure what in the world it is, but it means a lot, and everyone got really happy. ( I'm always in the dark, and out of the loop. Hahaha...) It had something having to do with the permission of the south-side Apostolicos de Puebla church property/building. But it was totally unexpected! 

Here's happy Hayde :))

Now for the actual birthday-celebrating part of the breakfast :)
I'm not quite sure who it was that started the following, but I have my suspicions... ( ...el precioso "TIO MARIO" hahahaa. Muchas gracias hermano... Si salieron mis chapas :P)
Here I am... getting low, trying to hide from all the clapping and yelling from my family... After all the embarrassing cheering died down, it was time to open a few presents :) 

Opening gifts...

Reading cards...

Gramma and me :)

Austin and la Mom

Me and 2 of my favorite people in whole world. La hermana Hayde, y... yyy... quien es ese hombre a su lado?... Ooohhh siii... el hermano Equis!! Hahaa :))
Amo mucho a ustedes dos! :)

After breakfast, my family and I went to some other places to hang out and do some more shopping. (The kind of shopping I DO love hahaaha... Having to do with clothes and things like that ;D)
But there are no pictures of that, so oh well!
Thanks to my family and friends for coming to breakfast and celebrating with me :) I love you all muchissimo!
And another thanks to all my friends around the world for the emails, comments, posts, and IM messages :) Haha, I love you all too!

*Tootles ;)*

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Anonymous said...

Nicole disfrutamos mucho estar con ustedes, para mi, ustedes son la familia que no tengo cerca (de hecho no tengo sobrinas de su edad jajaja). Ustedes significan mucho para mi, gracias por su amor, disfruto mucho lo de tia Hayde y mi esposo tambien disfruta su papel de tio. Gracias por adoptarnos. Les amamos muchisimo!!!
Hermana Hayde (casi me hiciste llorar.... casi)

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