Monday, October 11, 2010


 Saturday we got to see poor little Sis. Hayde :)
She looked so cute in her cast! Hahaha!

The hobbling couple

Then on Sunday, we had a lady from Elder Wakefield's church come and give her testimony to the adult class. Before church started though, Beau was just hanging out upstairs, checking things out. :)

Here is Sis. Natalia's daughter. Ain't she cute?!
She was sitting in Nicole's lap and I was talking to her. She was looking at Beau hanging out of the window and I was talking to her like she didn't know what I was baby talk, you know. I was all, "You like dogs? You like cats?" And she'd nod. And Nicole and I are both cooing and acting like she's some kind of newborn or something, saying "Aww you're so cute!!" Then I go, "Te gusta los caballos?" (Do you like horses?) And she goes, "Caballos."
AAAH!! She scared me half to death, neither of us knew she could talk...WOW :)
It was a little shocking.

THEN...after church we baptized one of my kids!! YAY!! 
It was so exciting!
 I told him a few Sundays back, "You gotta get baptized, dude!" He said, "Yeah, I know" but seemed nervous or something. I told him that you can't get to heaven without getting baptized...and to think hard about it. So yesterday he finally decided to get baptized! Thank you, Jesus! 

El Pastor and Jorge


Mary Frances said...

Awesome baptisms!!! God is sooo GOOD AND I love the pic of the little girl pickin her nose!!! Heeey are you girls on facebook??? Oh heeey do you think you could add my blog to your blog roll and follow my blog on the blog follower thingy on my blog??? LOL
PuLEEEEEze!!! ;)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Hi Mary!!
No, we're not on FB but YES I'll add you to the little sidebar deal.
Actually, I did it the other day BUT I'm a dope, I think I forgot to click "save" b/'s not there. LOL ;)
And I'd LOVE to follow your blog...but I can't do it on my computer b/c the filter I have on here blocks the option to follow, but as soon as I can get to another computer I'll do it!!
We LOVE your blog... :)) VERY entertaining!


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Hey...I just looked and it says I'm already following your blog? I thought I remembered following...but I figured I'd done the same thing as before with not clicking "save". LOL!


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