Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Morning!

As I was titling this post, I read out loud to myself "Good Morning!" And Austin adds, "....Heartache..."
Here he is playing with his Legos :)


And me...Blogging. 
It's EARLY and the sun is coming up and I'm getting a sunburn on the right side of my face haha! (Thus the sunglasses...)

So...the three of us are sitting here right now. 
A minute ago I started howling because...well I just like to howl sometimes. 
Then we heard Beau outside start howling too. LOL!
He goes crazy when anyone howls...and he bites...

He's given all of us bruises before...He doesn't know exactly what he should do or who he should go after. 

And in closing...
The other day I was feeling artistic and my brain juices were flowing. First let me dad really does know how to rhyme. He's written many a poem back in his prime. And he sold them for a dime. Hahahah just kidding (bout the dime part). I thought maybe I'd inherited a little bit of his poetic-ness. 
 So the other day I was sitting on my bed trying to think of a first line...with no luck. Thinking maybe he would give me an idea, I called my dad back to my room. He pulled my curtain aside and I told him, "I want to write a poem. " He said, "Well do it!" 
He then walked out and as he was walking down the hallway I heard him snickering and muttering to himself, 
"Roses are red, violets are blue, 
sugar is sweet and I like oatmeal." the above picture explained:
This is Bro. Curtis Wakefield's version of not wasting. 
The other day we were sitting around the table eating dinner and he says, "Did anyone notice the oatmeal container?" We hadn't. 
He says, "Well this morning I thought my oatmeal was watery so I added more oatmeal. Then I added too much oatmeal so I just scooped out a cup of it and dumped it back in the container."
...WITH the rest of the DRY oatmeal. He said this with a corny smile on his face (he knew he was guilty) so we thought he was joking. Unfortunately he wasn't. There really was a chunk of wet uncooked oatmeal in with all the good oatmeal. And even worse, he ate it the next morning. OMW. Needless to say...him and Austin have been the only ones eating oatmeal lately.


ash said...

awww! I like all the pix! Beth and Nicole you girls look so pretty!! I wish you guys were down! Or I was up there! Haha!! Austin cracks me up, haha hes so cute! Beth you really should write a poem!!

Mary Frances said...

Ewwwww!!!! But thats SOOOO FUNNY! LOL! MAN it would be soooo cool for out youth to do an evangelistic trip their and than we could just HANG and eat LOTS of goooood Mexican food and say, HEEEEEEEEEEEY gwappo to all the cute guys!!!

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