Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Fall

Today was church clean-up day. We've been sorta sprucing things up, getting the church looking nice by painting and scrubbing...
Well, in the evening a few other people showed up...and Javier. We continued cleaning for a little bit, but then I noticed that he had brought his bike. So we went outside and I got on the scooter, he got on his bike and we chased the neighbor's chickens up and down the roads. It's hilarious how they zig zag all over the place :))

Javier on his bike

Me on the scooter

Then I got the fabulous idea that him and I should climb the hill behind the church and race down it. So we climb all the way up the hill, it was quite steep. Then we raced down...don't ask who won ;)

I'd never been up the hill before and it was really pretty up. I wanted to show Nicole so I got her to go with me. This time she went on the bike, me on the scooter. 

So we huff and puff our way to the top of the hill and the sun was setting...
It was gorgeous! 

Nicole sat down for a minute resting. 

 We took in the view and chatted for a couple minutes then we were ready!
I told Nicole, "Be careful for the rocks, if you run one over you could flip. Also, it's super steep, don't get to going too fast." **THEN we decided that if either of us were to get hurt, the first thing the other person is to do is TAKE A PICTURE. Hahaha! 

Me on the scooter 
This IS my paint outfit ok? Ghetto shoes and all....

This is my last picture. :( On my way down the hill I got to going SO fast, I was standing ON the break, but I couldn't slow down. I tried dragging my foot on the road, but that didn't work either. I got *almost* to the end of the hill and knew I had to slow down because there was a little drop-off step at the end. I couldn't get myself slowed down enough in time though so I jumped off. 
Unfortunately, I was going so fast that my poor little legs couldn't quite keep up. 
You know that stupid run that people do when they are about to fall? The one where they are hunched over with their arms are stuck straight out in front of them? They look sorta like a sped-up zombie...
That was SO me. 
I thought I was going to be able to catch myself...but noooo.
I mean, this was no graceful fall. I was laid flat out on my stomach in the middle of the street...
Kind of upside-down was a steep hill. 
The first thing I did was jump up and look around to see if anyone saw...(2 people did).
Needless to say, I scraped up my knees, my hands, and my tummy......yes my tummy. 
And where was Nicole during all of this?
She was flying down the road, not even looking back at me, sprawled out on the road. 
So I had to get up all alone, dust myself off...and RACE home to BERATE her on WHY did she not fulfill her part of deal of taking pictures??
(Not that I would've posted them here LOL!)

Ooooh...I almost forgot the saddest part of this little tale. 
My camera did not survive the fall. 
It was in my skirt pocket, and I guess I landed on it :(
Now it has a little dent on the front of it and it won't turn on. 
I'm soooooooooo bummed. Also I'm going to be having ugly hands for our conference tomorrow. 
Life is just so tough sometimes. 
But seriously...what am I going to do without my camera??
I feel handicapped. 
I didn't break my phone though...or any bones, come to think of it. 
Well thank goodness, I guess there is a silver lining to all of this after all!! 


Josefina said...

ola hermanitas me llamo josefina estrada mendoza. yo soy la del cafe en zocalo ese dia que fueron con sus amigos de la iglesia. me preguntaba si me podrian dar la informacion de como llegar a su iglesia, para ir a ala reunion de jovenes de los viernes. porfavor mandenme un mensaje a mi cel 2222760227, esque no puedo recibir llamadas pork no me sirve el microfono en mi celular, muchas gracias hermanitas. espero verlas pronto en su iglesia para que me sigan platicando mas aserca de la palabra

Eliana said...

Wow! That sounds intense! I am so sorry your camera is broken! I would have loved to see the pictures ha a But thank God you girls are okay! I hope your conference will be awesome!
Love ya!

Nicole said...

Hahahhahhahhaaaa!! :))
Oh please you forget that I wouldn't have been able to take a picture of your glorious fall anyways, seeing that the camera BROKE. So don't go getting all attitude-y on me. LOL ;P

*A message to all of our readers:
Don't fall for that line about those being her paint clothes. That's what she wears all the time. ;))*

Kathy McElhaney said...

Ouch! I've had a few falls on my mountain bike in recent months. But I just get back up. It's called living! You never see beautiful sunsets if you don't get out and climb some hills.

Glad no bones were broken, but sad about your camera. I always love your pictures!

D said...

Your great-aunt Mardell, you're grandpa's sister, would like to have his email to contact him if possible. I am writing this for her. I am her nephew. Mardell enjoyed the pictures you have on your blog showing your grandmother Esther and grandfather Glenn. Your grandfather preached a revival for my grandfather in Lewiston, Idaho one time and he stayed with my parents. If you could please email the information to


Jennifer Connell said...

Oh my! I love your little adventure posts! This one was amusing. :) Minus the broken camera. :(

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