Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Downtown With the Kids

On Monday, a few of the kids didn't have school. They wanted to go wander downtown...and just so happen, that's one of my favorite things to do. ;)

The hugest iguana I've ever seen in my life...

Look at those spikes and bumps. It's like a little dinosaur. 

Awww...a toucan!

Us at the cathedral

Nicole and Maribel at Italian Coffee

JC, Javier, and the coffee place.
No...I don't like coffee ;)

I searched for the perfect pair of shoes all day and the kids so lovingly followed without complaint...
Their only request was that the stores have chairs. :)) 

In front of another cathedral...

Buying junk food...

This week...or should I say this "Day of the Dead" month. 
Basically Halloween, but believe me, the people here REALLY celebrate it...altars, incense, food set out...
It is CREEPY. 
But anyways, when we were downtown on Monday, we saw this little kid laid out on the ground dressed up (I guess) like a dead guy...

And the mouse on his chest is REAL. Hahaha!! How creative! (And sorta creepy too...)
His two buddies had their baskets out asking for money. 

The bus ride home...

And Mari and I...

This weekend is our conference!! It's the same weekend that everyone here celebrates Day of the Dead. 
We have a bunch of people coming for it...from all over everywhere. It's going to be SO good! I absolutely canNOT wait. :))

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