Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodness Gracious, Grandma!

A while back, El Pastor said something about keeping church looking nice in his preaching. 
One of the little old ladies that happened to be at church that night translated this into "Flower Power". 
The arrangements on the left and on the right were the first ones that she brought. She said they were for her Lord and Savior and waved her hands in the air and clutched her fists to her chest. 
What could we say?
But...The other day when she brought the one in the middle...we were like WOAH grandma!! It's taller than the pulpit!
(This is the same lady that once testified that she had a dream she was strangling a child and she said God told her the child represented her illness...strange.)

Now all we need is a casket. 

Love that natural look. ;)

The roses even have glue droplets on them!! 

And to finish the look off with a bit of elegance...Plastic butterflies....

I know we live in Mexico and this is a very colorful and bright country, but does this mean we have to leave good taste behind? 
Seriously though....I do understand that this is a great sacrifice on her part to purchase these and bring them to church. This is very sweet of her. 
We might have to do something though when the person behind the pulpit has to peek through the trees. :))

DISCLAIMER: The views on this post to not necessarily reflect those of Pastor Curtis Wakefield, his family or his church. :))

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Mary Frances said...

Do the people in your church get ON YOUR BLOG?!?!?! AHAHAHAHA! That picture is TOO FUNNY!

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