Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mexican Food Part 1

These are called "Chalupas". 
It is a mini tortilla, soaked it grease and fried. Then you can pick what kind of salsa you want on it, and if you want pork or chicken or cheese on it. 

 These are called "Molotes". Another grease soaked Mexican food.
You can get this one filled with all kinds of stuff...cheese, potato, tinga....whatever you want, really. 

The other thing is a tostada. But this one has cow's hoof in it. :)

The thing Nicole is holding is pickled cow toes. Very gross.
No one liked it. 

And these are chiles rellenos. 
It's a Poblano chile stuffed with cheese. 
I don't like them, but everyone else does.  

Mmmm...Cheesey Cheese. 

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The Polished Plume said...


Thanks for the comment! I am somewhat new to the blog-o-sphere, I didn't know if you'd get my response if I commented from my blog.

Thank you for your prayers, we could really use them. We just had one of our girls school mates from college get the Holy Ghost. So exciting! I will check out the link you left and be sure to have our youth group pray for you all. You have my word.

Thank you for your commitment to the work in Mexico. Its obvious that the burden for that country has rested on your shoulders as well as your parents and grandparents.

Our youth group is trying to raise money to visit a missionary in Mexico next year, who knows maybe we'll be visiting y'all soon.

God Bless,

The Polished Plume

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