Friday, November 10, 2017

Birthday Weekend

On the day of my birthday, we rode the new train in town to a nearby town called Cholula. I've only ridden the train at Pike's Peak so this mode of transportation is still a novelty to me. I think they are 
so fun! 


We arrived in Cholula and immediately walked over to the place we'd be eating dinner at.

Everyone's food was so beautiful - I have to show each plate. I don't remember what they all are but they look totally fabulous!

Mom got quail with rose petals sprinkled on the top. Now is that not the fanciest thing you've ever seen.


Nicole's traditional mole poblano and chicken...

Austin got a big fat steak in some kind of white sauce...

I got salmon on sweet tomatoes and asparagus. Delicious, of course.

After dinner, a crowd of waiters showed up singing happy birthday.

After dinner, we went over to our very own little Dairy Queen and had ice cream cake.

Nicole wanted to spend some time with Grampa and Gramma so we went over to their house for the weekend. Since it was my birthday, Grampa did the breakfast dishes. Ha!

While everyone was getting ready for church, Nicole and I sat downstairs and watched Max do things he wasn't supposed to.

Sunday morning worship -

This man testified of God healing him of a migraine that morning.

After Sunday school, a lady came up front and plopped this baby in Nicole's lap. We didn't know who owned the kid, but I think someone was trying to get Nicole bit by the baby bug!

On our last day together, we went out for a traditional Mexican breakfast. What a treat!

We so enjoyed Nicole's surprise visit!
There are many more surprises in store......!!



Mary Frances said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaan food looks GOOOOOOD!!!

Mary Frances said...

Btw what do Rose Petals taste like????

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Mary - SO good. And I didn't taste the rose petals, but I imagine they taste like how roses smell. AHAHAHAHA.


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