Monday, November 13, 2017

Elissa at the Park

I got on a kick of taking Elissa to the park this past spring and summer. I never blogged it because there was always one more park date around the corner which meant more cute pictures to add to this ever-growing post.

For now, our little outings have ended so now I can record the fun we had. 

She is so funny - she usually had something she'd grab from the house that she wanted to bring to the park. Of all of her cute baby dolls, this time she chose the craziest looking one. She cradled it most of the way to the park...

However, as we neared our destination, we came upon a lady walking towards us. Right as the lady went to squeeze past us on the sidewalk, Elissa dropped the doll at her feet, almost causing a huge accident. I apologized to the lady then burst out giggling when she walked off.

I was on an orange kick for months earlier this year. Elissa and I ate more than our share. I expect to reap major benefits this cold season...please Lord!

We usually would just go to the park down a ways from the Garcia's house...

...but sometimes we'd make a special trip to the lake! Of course this is always fun because there is so much to see and do. There's a pretty long trail that winds around the lake. There are birds and herons and peacocks. Swingsets, trees and sunshine. We love feeding the ducks!

Many times, we'd get halfway home and Elissa would just slump over in her little car...this girl can fall asleep ANYWHERE.

Someone had an accident at the park because we couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough...
that resulted in a bath in the kitchen sink later on.

Having a tea party with all her dolls...

Feeding corn to Abner's Star Wars men HA!

Unloading Beth's purse...

One day we were on our way to Bible college in Mexico City but had to stop by the Garcia's house to pick something up. Elissa came out and visited with us in the car while we were there and when it was time to get on the road and she realized she wasn't going, she got a little upset. She started signing that she wanted to go to the park and also signing "backpack". 

You know how it goes..."We'll go next time!" and all that kind of stuff was said and we went on our way. We got about a mile down the road when her mom called me saying that when we left, Elissa  grabbed her backpack and was currently hanging on to the front door crying. I could hear her in the background and it sounded like her heart had broken. 

I felt sooooo bad -  LOL!!! We pulled over and I got out and walked all the way back to the Garcia's house to take Elissa to the park. When we got there, I pulled out my phone to take a picture....
I'd never seen such a huge smile on this girl's face!!! It's a face of total victory! I absolutely died laughing then sent the picture to the whole family...
She has us wrapped around her little finger!!!

She loves to run screaming around the basketball court in her little walker.

Good times!!



Anonymous said...

Gracias por tu tiempo, por tu cariño, y tú atención con ella ;)


The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Fue un placer!!

Ahora si te voy a matar AGGGGG!!!!

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