Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Harvey's Effect on Puebla

We had some pretty crazy weather back in August and September. Those months are our rainy season anyway, but we had a couple weeks where the sun did not peek through one bit. It was miserable! Of course this does not compare to what Texas and Florida went through. What they went through is on a different level completely. We said many many prayers for our friends affected by the hurricanes!

Puebla is not a humid place in the least, but during rainy season, we battle mold like nobody's business. It tries to cover the walls, we find thin sheens of it on any pieces of raw wood furniture. Any leather purses or shoes are susceptible... It is the most annoying thing in the world! Clean it off one day and the next week, it's back with a vengeance. 

When we were right in the thick of the effects of Harvey, I noticed droplets of water in my salt jar on the stove. That's how bad the humidity had gotten!

I was complaining one day about the dreariness and constant rain and said, "I really hope Harvey goes away soon, my sugar bowl can't take much more." There was an awkward silence then we all burst out laughing. 
People had lost their entire homes, had their churches completely destroyed in Texas and here I was bellyaching about my sugar bowl. 
(I'd woken up one morning to find the little bit of sugar left in the bowl had dissolved completely and had transformed into just a thick liquid. Eww. Isn't that weird??)

The tree at the end of my street fell over because of the crazy wind...

Parts of the city flooded...

And Puebla got its first snow! Ha!

It doesn't actually snow in Puebla - this was just the result of a major hail storm. I'd never stood at the window so much as I did in the past few months. There was always something new outside - a rainbow, a raging river flowing down the street in front of my house, big-O hail stones falling from the sky...Oh, and I saw a huge street fight too. I took a picture of the puddle of blood left in the street after it was all over, but I can't find it now. Bummer for you guys!! Haha! 

Alrighty. I'll talk to all ya'll later. 


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