Monday, October 30, 2017

Market and Milkshakes

Friday morning Nicole and I went to the market for breakfast and to pick up a few things.

Nicole got a quesadilla...
Cheese, meat, onion, mushrooms and green salsa.

I got what we call a "gordita". It's a bean-filled tortilla with salsa and cheese on top. I opted for some meat sprinkled on top as well.

Later on, we went out with my grandparents for lunch. We ordered a few of these and chowed down.

It's all in a stone mortar and comes out boiling in a red sauce. That's cheese hanging out on the left, then chorizo, cactus, cilantro, and steak.

After lunch we went over to the mall and got milkshakes. There is this new place that I'd been waiting to try on my birthday. They go all out putting donuts and churros on top the shakes. 
It makes for a really cute presentation!

Grampa and Grampa exercised tremendous willpower and only got some healthy frozen yogurt. :)

Toasting the marshmallows on Austin's shake...

After this, Nicole and I went home with our grandparents to spend a couple days with them. 
They recently got a little pitbull named Max. 
Some of you might remember the idol Elder Wakefield brought to the US as an object lesson. He bought it from a guy off the street here in Mexico many years ago and named him Maximiliano. He has many many hilarious stories about Maximiliano. He'd ask people if they thought this ugly little idol had power. Most would say yes.
He'd do foot races - Grampa against Maximiliano. He'd ask people, "Who do you think will win?" 
The point of the object lesson - 
This idol has no power. It was made by a man. Jesus is God and holds all power! 

Anyways - he named his dog after that idol.


After church that night, we went out with the Garcias. We got a kick out of watching Elissa run with her walker. That girl can go!



tinzy luv said...

Those shakes look awesome!😊

oniry said...

Awesome meals dear! Loved your cute dog as well.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

tinzy luv - they were!

oniry - Thanks!


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