Friday, October 20, 2017

Nicole Surprises the Church

 The next morning after Nicole arrived, I woke up to an empty house. Nicole had gone to my parents. This is what she did pretty much every morning. It was like a DEFAX situation. They get her mornings, I get her nights, and we share her in the daytime.

The night before, Nicole had given me a wonderful early birthday present - a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Oh yes, so good. 
I might've had a couple slices for breakfast.

We then went to our new mall which I blogged about last week. Neither my grandparents nor Nicole had seen it. They were astounded by the sophistication...Hehe.

That evening was Bible study. No one in our church knew Nicole was going to be there and we had the best time surprising them all!! 
She hid behind the gate door and I stood in the doorway watching for people coming in the street. As they came in, I'd shake their hands then Nicole would pop out and scare the tar out of them! 

Everyone was sooo happy to see Nicole!

As different ones arrived at church, they'd be surprised then stand aside to watch the next person get their socks shocked off.

After a while, we went into the church because it was almost time to start. People were still arriving though and I managed to get their reactions :)

After church we went to our favorite taco place and enjoyed some warm birria, just like old times!


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