Friday, May 19, 2017


Austin went to the States with my mom a few weeks ago for his twice-a-year checkups for a couple health issues. (He wore a back brace for a couple years and they like to check on that; also he's had some problems with his eye and was diagnosed with glaucoma a few years ago.) Some weeks ago he broke his leg, which I blogged about. He ended up having surgery on it here in Mexico and several plates and screws were put in to help the bones grow back together. Since he was in the States, they decided to get his leg checked on by an American doctor. They did some x-rays and found that one of the bones is not growing back together correctly. They have decided to do a complete revision on his leg which means removing the metal plates and screws, possibly re-breaking the bone and starting over from scratch. Austin isn't too happy about this, as you can imagine. He told me the other day that he just wants to get back to his normal physical activity! Poor guy! This is a pretty frustrating development.

A date hasn't been set for the surgery just yet, but it will be sometime in the next week. Dad is flying up to be with Austin and my mom during this time. Please keep them all in your prayers!!

In other news -

I've tried for years to get people to guest post on this blog for me. We talked about it for the first time when Cherie and Stephanie came down, I've talked about it with the Diaz family...even my own family! But for whatever reason, it never works out and in the case of my own family, blogging isn't their passion. So what can I do? Hold them at gunpoint?

While I am considering that option, Abner has agreed to come on here and guest-post. I've actually been begging him for a while now and he has always been for it, but short on time. Abner has TONS of stories on Elder and Sis. Wakefield and his formative years with them. After all, he's spent more hours with my grandparents than me, their own grandchild.  I mean, we all have stories of Grampa calling us out in church or really teaching us a lesson. But Abner's experiences take it to the next level. He will have to get on here sometime and tell those stories!
This time though, Abner has written about a trip he took the week after Nicole's Mexico wedding.

He will be publishing the first part of his trip next week so stay tuned!



Amy Bailes said...

Oh my goodness. Poor Austin! And yay(!) for Abner's guest posts. Looking forward to reading those!

tinzy luv said...

English ó Español ?
Oramos por Austin y toda la FAM. De misioneros.

Amanda Diaz said...

Por fin, Abner obedece a Bethany. :)
Espero leer de tu viaje.

LaLa said...

Oh no poor Austin! We will be praying for him.

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