Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Diaz Family Yearly Visit

 This past Summer, the Diaz family came to visit us again. As always, we had such a good time! Bro. Diaz is the best story teller. (He'd make a great blogger!)

We went to the Gilfer Hotel to meet them. 

Finally together again :)
Amanda, Bethany, Nicole and Bethany

We went for lunch at Mi Viejo Pueblito

I don't know what was going on here, but Dad and Bro. Diaz look disappointed in the overflowing drink

Bro. Diaz ended up preaching for us, my grandparents, and in Veracruz.
Abner and Bro. Diaz
We took a big group up to the service in Veracruz. A lot of times, we will stop at Costco because they have the nicest, cleanest restooms. We freshen up before the service and sometimes grab an apple pastry. 
Jonathan went to say hi to some Mormons that were there and ended up getting into a big discussion...
He was on cloud 9 talking to them! Jonathan loves to debate!

 It was in this service that Esther, Soledad's granddaughter, got the Holy Ghost!

We had a wonderful, wonderful service! 

We had a special service at the Wakefield's church on the other side of town...


Jonathan and a bunch of the little Garcia cousins



The Diaz family sang for us...according to Sis. Elvira from my church, Bethany Diaz is her favorite drum player!

Tacos los Angeles...
The fruit platter picture!

Breakfast with the entire family

The girls wanted to go material shopping so I entertained myself with my little Mexican jumping bean friends...

We love the Diaz family so very much. They are always a huge blessing when they come. I honestly wish they would just move down here! :P We would have some great times and Mexico would never be the same because of them! They are a good, Godly family that love the Lord and are soul-winners! 

Come visit again soon!!



Amy Bailes said...

Where is the Diaz family from?

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Amy - They are from Puyallup, WA!


Dorisa Rodriguez said...

Love this family as well!!💞

Unknown said...

We are truly blessed when we go to Puebla. Your family, including your grandparents, are an inspiration to us. Thank you for your burden for Mexico and the tremendous work being done! The service in Jalapa was absolutely beautiful! We cannot forget it! The presence of the Lord was felt from the very beginning. SURELY THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD IS IN THIS PLACE! We love you very much! Bro. & Sis. Díaz, Amanda, Bethany, and Jonathan 💝

Anonymous said...

Yes we really love the Diaz Family; they are from our church. God has blessed the tremendously, and will continue to do so.

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