Thursday, May 18, 2017

Forget the Wheatgrass

SO. My wheatgrass plants died. Apparently they needed a little more care than I thought! HAHA. 
My mourning was cut short when my neighbors brought home this little munchkin. 

 SupPOSEDly, she is a purebred pitbull. 
She's a ginger with blue eyes!

How can I resist her?! 

She's still at that tiny stage when they have that adorable puppy breath and like to snuggle. 

I make her take cute selfies with me, then I send them to all my family members. 
Nicole gets a kick out of them especially, and I like to think I am creating some baby fever. 

She likes my rug a lot. She runs in it like it's a field of grass. 
When she gets too feisty and shows her razor-teeth, I just send her back to her mom. It's really convenient. 

Otherwise, she is a great little snuggler. 
There's nothing more comforting!! *sniffle, sniffle*
If I can keep myself stocked up on house plants and if my neighbors continue this revolving door of puppies, I think I'll be able to avoid getting one of my own.



Amy Bailes said...

Lol. They let you borrow their pet? That's awesome.

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Yeah!!! Sometimes they'll just put her out on our shared porch area and I'll hear her whining and go get her!! Totally a win win! I get all the cuddles and no responsibility!


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