Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Abner's Trip to Belize Pt.2

During my trip, I was on the lookout for anything that said "San Pedro, Belize". I had a hard time finding something, but finally ran across this. Zoom in and look closely to see "San Pedro, Belize" inside the red circle on these guys' chests.

After going diving, I went to my aunt's house where a bunch of my family was gathered for dinner.
When I first saw this food, my expression was one of disgust. When I tasted it though, I loved it. This was carrot bread with raisins on a bed of chips and shredded chicken and creme. After tasting this, I asked for three more servings - it was delicious.

Very early the next day, I woke up to the aroma of this being cooked...
Rice and beans, coleslaw, and fried Huron fish. It tasted even better than it smelled. 
My favorite Belizian food
 That afternoon, my uncles took me to see more interesting sights. Again we took a boat to the middle of the ocean...
My uncle told me, "This is where many tourists come to visit. Welcome to the party!" 
All of a sudden they tell me took look over the left of the boat because there were sharks. 
There are sharks here??
Yep, sharks.

Everyone was jumping in to swim with the sharks so I decided to experience the adventure as well. 
I lived to tell about it! 
The dark spot below me is a shark! Their skin feels very soft and sticky and slimy. I was told I could touch them, but to not put my hands near their mouths because they could grab my fingers and suck the blood out of them. 
**From Beth: the above statement sounds very suspicious and weird to me, but we've sat here and argued about it for the past five minutes so I'm giving in. I am just translating what Abner is telling me! I didn't know sharks doubled as vampires....**

 There were a ton of sharks passing us all over the place, swimming very fast. To get all of their attention, my uncles threw these tube-like things out in to the water that were covered in fish blood. It took a little bit of time, but all of a sudden masses of sharks gathered, big and small.

When this little gal saw we were feeding the sharks, she came close to get her share.  

After demanding and insisting, she received her reward. 

Dinner later that night:
BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and rice 'n red beans
Later on in the evening, I went souvenir shopping here.

Breakfast the next morning:
This is what they call a Johnny cake - sort of like a chicken sandwich. It was very very good!
The next morning, I went outside very early to walk the beach and admire the beauty of the ocean one last time.
My final post will be up next!


Amy Bailes said...

Lol. I'll take your word that the carrot bread is good with the chicken and cream dip. The rest of your meals look like a typical Cajun meal. Rice and beans with everything! Swimming with sharks - you are much braver than me. No way - no how!!!

Amy Bailes said...

I googled about blood sucking sharks and there's nothing on the internet about it but that doesn't mean it's not true. Googles not always right!

Mary Frances said...

Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooo, FORGET ABOUT weather or not sharks are vampires too, i'm just trying to figure out WHY you would even go swimming with sharks at all??? Like you read all those stories about people surfing and a leg or arm just got bit off!!! And like, WHY didn't they bite you???

yaaaaaaayyy FOOD!!! It all looks super yummy MINUS the fish!!! Johnny cakes- that sounds like something NICOLE shoulda served at her wedding!!! JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!! (notice the Spanish version of HAHAHA, I learned that from Google Translate! I couldn't figure out why this guy kept writing it like every bit! I thought he was saying like, JAW, JAW, JAW, I was like, OOOOOOOH, the J is making the H! LOL JAJAJAJA:)

Nicole Wakefield said...

Loving hearing about your trip, primo! I was so excited to see that you were posting about it!! 😄 Can't wait for part 3! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Tienes que venir y visitarnos en Idaho en tu próximo viaje!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy - maybe they were joking when they said that. Who knows, but the reason why people could swim with these sharks is because they are trained and domesticated.


Anonymous said...

I have heard the stories of people that lose a body part to sharks - fortunately that didn't happen this time! And you learned how Mexicans laugh! Jajajaja


Anonymous said...

Prima! Que bueno que comentas. Primeramente Dios y si sale bien todo, el
Próximo viaje es con ustedes.


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