Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sunday Anniversary and Party

 Sunday morning I went over to Elder Wakefield's church for a special occasion - it was Abner's sixth anniversary of preaching! He's come a long way, and not just in his ministry. I remember when Abner was a bratty little kid. Now he's graduated to being a bratty preacher. Ha!
The little Sunday school kids answering questions about their lesson
Six years down, 60 more to go! (That's actually totally feasible since that'd make him only 79 - haha!)
After church in the morning with my grandparents, we had service in our own church in the afternoon. This Sunday was an end-of-the-trimester party.

This was the funnest game! The kids divided up into two teams. At the beginning of the line was a bucket of cooked spaghetti noodles. The first kid had to grab a handful of noodles, hand it to the next kid and down the line the noodles went. The team that had the most spaghetti in bowl at the end of the line won!

Scraping noodles off the ground
We also had a candy rain!

All the little younguns
Elder Wakefield came and preached for us that night. He also sang for us, which was special!


Daniel Gillespie said...

I love your grandpas pulpit! Please greet brother & sister Wakefield for us - our church "Iglesia de la Verdad" in Fremont appreciates your dad and mom and the burden for Mexico. We look forward to getting out to Puebla someday, Lord willing.

Gillespie Family

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Gillespie Family - thank you for the greetings, mi familia tambien manda saludos!
We would love to have you all down here whenever you'd like. We appreciate you all and received your Christmas card in the mail in January! :)
Elder Wakefield's pulpit was made in a little pueblo about an hour from here - it is made of onyx and weighs a ton. It's a beautiful pulpit, indeed!


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