Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mexico City Conference 2016 Part 2

This is the second part to the conference post of last week. I discovered some pictures that I didn't really want to leave out, if only for my own memory's sake.

We had a youth service Saturday morning. Abner led the service and did an absolutely fantastic job. A couple of Pastor Isai's young people also led in some activities, one of which was mixing everyone up and having them sit by someone they did not know! I thought that was a good idea - get everyone out of their comfort zone, make them perk up and pay attention!

 A couple young people from each church were asked to testify. One of the ones to testify was my very own little brother, Austin. During pre-service prayer, he came over and told me he was so nervous and didn't know what he was going to say. Of course hearing this made me nervous, too!! I tried to infuse some confidence in him by reminding him what God has done in his life and telling him he'd do great. I should have known it was just his nervousness making him nervous - lol. That kid got up there and blew us all away. He had his whole family bawling - we were so proud! He'd talk...then paaaaause for a lonnng time....he had us on the edge of our seats, for sure. Then he'd pop out with another bit of what God had laid on his heart then pause again. I was dying just watching him - he is Elder Wakefield 100%!!! His mannerisms and the cadence of his speech are his Grampa.

Bro. May then preached to the young people. 

Keilah and Keziah took over all altar calls! Hallelujah! 

Cheyenne was making us giggle in the altar - she has a new style of praying that is just too much! Two steps forward, two steps back - in fast forward. All while scrunching her face up and holding her hands out like she's ready to receive a giant blessing from the Lord! 

 The hosting church put on a wonderful children's service. It was such great inspiration! Even the adults' attention was glued to the front.

 Look at all the these kiddos!

 Lunch between services

Visiting after church...
Grampa was so excited to show me his translation of the song He's God on the Mountain.

We went out Saturday morning for some fresh air and a walk around the neighborhood. 

Abner got this picture - 
The name of a street by the church: Beheaded Saints Street
What in the world! 

 Carmen and Belen with their 'dos
Belen has been growing her hair out for the past couple of years in hopes of being able to have a bun like Nicole's. She finally reached do-able hair length for this conference and was SO happy!

 This lady didn't get the Holy Ghost but she was smiling as if she did! She was making everybody smile.

The day after the conference ended, the girls came over to hang out and to try some of Nicole's cupcakes. 
I think they liked them :D
In the container: Red Velvet, PiƱa Colada, and Snickers
 Later that night we went to the Brazilian Steakhouse.

On the last day that the Mays were here, we went out to Cholula to see the pyramid. 
The group didn't arrive until about an hour after us so we sat in the sun and worked on our tans while eating ice cream.

Fruit! YUM!
Cholula's police force :)

Going through the tunnel under the pyramid

 The May crew!



Daniel Gillespie said...

Great pics - I visited Cholula about 9 years ago and even ate the "chapulines" and barely escaped choking to death - No Mas! Next time I'll opt for the mango & ice cream.

The conference looked awesome - dile a Austin que tiene que testificar para la proxima vez con nos visita...:).

Bro. Gillespie

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Bro. Gillespie - Glad to hear there are still some brave souls out there tasting the bugs of Mexico! :D
I will tell Austin to be ready - he always does such a good job!


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