Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Volcano

With the school being on the third story, we get a spectacular view of the city, especially of our beloved volcano, Popocatapetl. Popo, for short.

This morning we woke up to this -

Everything is covered in ash. And it is still raining down as I type this at noon.

Last week it exploded a couple of times. We prefer these smaller explosions, as opposed to one giant eruption later on down the road that kills all of us. My gramma sat next to a man on a flight out of Puebla a few years back. This man was here studying our volcano - he told Gramma if it ever stops smoking for two weeks straight, to get OUT! It is building pressure - the longer it goes without smoking, the more devastating an eruption there could be.
They say not to go outside while it is like this, to not breathe in the ash. The airport is closed until further notice. Instead of a snow day we could've had an ash day! Alas...we are sitting here with the windows shut tight, hoping we aren't contracting lung cancer as we speak.



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Amy Bailes said...

Well... That sounds like fun...

I'll be praying for yalls lungs.

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