Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pre Conference - Visitors!

I don't usually blog on Tuesdays but I got all inspired last night reading comments!! These bursts of inspiration must be taken advantage of, no matter the day. (If no one has ever noticed, I try to blog Mondays and Wednesdays and occasionally on Friday, if it's been a busy week.)

Friday morning before the first service, we met our visitors for breakfast. Los Almuerzos has the best breakfast in the entire city!

We were so happy that the whole May family was able to come to Puebla! We had a good time with the girls. Bro. Herrera also brought his wife - all of us ladies were very happy to have company to visit with! We certainly enjoyed the days they were here.
The ladies' side of the table
The men's side of the table

It was so funny - the inevitable and extremely vexatious topic of the current state of the US and her presidential candidates got brought up. When a certain controversial candidate's name was brought up, Dad's arm slyly went around Austin's shoulders. His message was clear - "Zip it." 
A decent illustration of the quip, "Lord keep your arm around your shoulder and your hand over my mouth."
After breakfast we went to the Estrella de Puebla - the little round circle in this picture...

...Or not so little.

Before getting on the ferris wheel, Bro. May started acting like he was going to run through the water fountains. Sis. May was adamantly against this! She tried to hold him back...

...but was unsuccessful, much to the amusement of onlookers!

We went to get on the ferris wheel, only to be told one could not ride while wet.
The above picture brings to mind the bottom picture... :)

After drying off in the sun for a few minutes, we were able to get on the Estrella de Puebla!
Bro. May, Austin, me and Dad
Keilah, Keziah, Nicole and Sis. May
Our city
I will post about the start of the conference next time!



Amy Bailes said...

On a Ferris wheel during the day! I think I've mentioned before that can be slightly scary. Y'all are brave!

tinzy love said...

Que chula es Puebla! 😃

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Amy - as long as everyone stays seated and the conversation flows, it's not tooooooo bad :D

Tinzy Love - AGREED! :)


Charity Lagunes said...

We need to come back so we can ride that Ferris wheel! 😄

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Come on back! They STILL haven't taken it down! I am wondering now if that was just a rumor...


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