Thursday, January 8, 2015

Special Christmas Service 2014

The Sunday before Christmas, we had a special service for the families of our church and for the parents of our Sunday school kids. We wanted to involve everybody that we could, especially the kids, so we could get their parents to church. What better time than at Christmas? It seems like people's hearts soften up and their excuses fade away.

I was pleasantly surprised at the willingness of the church families to get involved. I thought a lot of them would be nervous about getting up in front of people, but it turned out many of them were chomping at the bit to get in front and shine! Ha! In the end, we had seventeen groups signed up to sing, testify, quote verses, etc. Seventeen!! We were sooo happy!

We started the service off with a slideshow of everything that had gone on in 2014. (The blog really came in handy for this!) Slideshows are a nice reminder of all the church has gone through and accomplished within the year. As people came in, we served sweet bread and champurrado (a thick hot chocolate). We had music playing in the background and we laughed and teared up as the pictures passed by.

Beatriz eating her bread in her...questionable clothing....
We didn't notice these very transparent tights/pants until we saw this picture. In real life, she looked fine. 

Ladies Choir 

Kids' choir

Sis. Rocio and her two kids read a poem called "I Want to Be a Friend of God"

Our new family (Sis. Carmen and her girls) and Sis. Elvira did a mini-skit on living for God. 

Bryan and Fabby quoted Colossians 1:13-20

The men's trio

Bro. Valentin and his family singing

Azuri and Sara sang "Here I Am to Worship"

This family sang "El Espiritu de Dios Esta en Este Lugar"

Bro. Juan Jose and his family sang 

Bro. Juan and his family sang -
They look so adorable! Sis. Marisol coordinated all of their outfits. 

At the end, Pastor Cortez ended with a message on the plan of salvation - for our visitors - which we had a ton of! 

After church, the kids lined up at the ticket booth to collect their giant goody bags. 

Maribel, Nicole, and Anahi

Sis. Francis brought her new baby grandson to church for the first time! 


Kendra Thaler said...


By the way I loved Beatriz's "questionable clothing" picture lol made me laugh

Kim Ramos said...

Looks like a wonderful service! I love your blog and all the pics:)

Anonymous said...

Pastor Cortez looks a lot like Bro.Wakefield....

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Kendra - I'm glad you commented about it making you laugh - lol! I wasn't sure if it was just funny to ME! :D

Kim - Thanks you! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the blog!

Anon - Pastor Cortez is Bro. Wakefield! That is what the people down here call him :)

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