Monday, January 26, 2015

Church Cleaning Day

Last weekend we had a church cleaning day. We were quite surprised at the amount of people that showed up! 
Sis. Carmen cleaning the windows

Nicole slaving away on the windows

Sis. Carmen with goggles :)

The girls cleaning the banister

Bro. Juan and Sis. Marisol scrubbing chairs

Sis. Francis washing dishes

Sis. Siria organizing the kitchen

Bro. Baltazar washing the walls

Ana Belen washing the front doors

In between cleaning, the girls were stealing the boys hats and hiding them.
They'd run screaming and hollering into the side room shouting, "La victoria es nuestra!" (The victory is ours!) 

Acting innocent..Nothing to see here! 

Working diligently at organizing Nicole's stacks of paper

These girls worked as hard as anyone else. When they were done with one job, they were quick to ask for more jobs! 


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