Monday, January 19, 2015

January 2, 2015 Conference

The second day of the conference started out with a session for the men and a session for the women. 
The men's class was held in the university and was taught by Bro. Loa. Since I was not there, I don't know how it all went, but I heard it was good! 

We had such a good service in the ladies' session! We sang a little bit and then each of the pastors' wives and assistants' wives testified. 

The Gonzales family from Boyle Heights, CA came to Puebla! We were so happy the whole family was able to come. Cesiah sang a beautiful song in the ladies' service. 

 ...and Sis. Gonzales taught. It was so good! 

Little Miss Elissa...this is the face she'd make when I'd try to take her picture. 

Not the best lighting, but this is Sis. Elvira (pastor's wife in Mexico City) and her daughter. They are like twins! Literally, Sis. Elvira's "mini me". 

Bro. Mario preached the first service. 

After the first service, we all went over to the university for lunch, fixed by the ladies of Elder Wakefield's church - Los Apostolicos de Puebla. 

Bro. Isai (on the piano) and his church led the song service for the night service. They did so well! It was awesome. People everywhere were dancing and jumping and running...we had a good ole Holy Ghost time! 

Dad "blowing his brains out" (his words) to be heard on the sax - haha! He had a mic in the previous service, but the Mexico City church had more praise singers so his mic got taken :P  
Bro. Gonzales preached the night service
Gramma and her can of mosquito repellent -
It was sooo hilarious - there'd be a silence in the preaching and then all of a sudden we'd hear "KSHHHHHHHHHHHH" in the back of the building. Nicole and I were dying laughing! But we can all thank Gramma because we did not get completely eaten up by moskeeters! 

This is one of the Garcia boys - his family is gathered all around him and they prayed him through to the Holy Ghost! 
Sis. Natalia, Bro. Jorge and little Eliana praying together
Sara, one of our girls, got the Holy Ghost!!
This little girl is from Cuatla and is 5 years old - she got the Holy Ghost! The lady beside her received the Holy Ghost for the first time the night before! 
Elder Wakefield and the little princess

Nicole and I with some of the youth from Cuautla

The newlyweds from Cautla...and the middle...LOL

More of the Cuatla group!
Nicole and I
Nicole and our ever growing boy! (heh heh)


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