Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 3, 2015 Conference

We are on to the last day of our conference! 
Dad preached the first service - 

The Princess

Bro. Gonzales preached the second service

Each time Bro. Gonzales preached he involved the congregation. By doing this, he kept everybody on the edge of their seats! 

Bro. Gonzales asked these men to hold up this white board so he could project a picture up on to it. They stood there the for the whole preaching, getting as involved in the service as they would in their own seats. They were amening the preacher and commenting on what he was saying...also cracking jokes under their breaths, which had me stifling laughter quite a few times. I definitely had the most entertaining seat in the house. 

In this last service, Paco got the Holy Ghost!!!
He had been seeking it for years. He testified later that when he got to church, Bro. Mario told him that today was his day. Bro. Gonzales then told him the same thing. Paco said he felt his heart leap for joy when he heard this. When he got up to the altar, Bro. Gonzales and my dad went to pray for him and he says he felt a punch in his chest what felt like fire inside of him and started speaking in other tongues! He testified at church the next week, "I was so happy I kissed Pastor on the cheek!" Ha! We are still rejoicing with Paco! 

This man is Sis. Natalia's dad - He is 80 years old and he received the gift of the Holy Ghost for the first time! He was so overcome, all he could do was fall over - it was touching and also made us laugh! 

Anahi seeking the Holy Ghost

This is Gelacio and he and his family go to Elder and Sis. Wakefield's church. He was the only one in his family to have not gotten the Holy Ghost and had been seeking it for many many years. You know those people that you have seen seeking the Holy Ghost for so long that after a while you kind of just give up on them? Well, he was one of those to us. But on the last service of the conference, God poured his Spirit out on Gelacio and began to speak in other tongues!!
There was a whole lot of shouting going on!! We couldn't have been happier!

After church a couple of us were talking to him and kept saying over and over again, "I feel so different! I feel like a new man!" He also said he felt like a chick that had just come out of the egg - soooo sweet! 

A young lady from Cuatla that got the Holy Ghost! 

While all these people were getting the Holy Ghost...I was on the piano with my fingers almost falling off from playing for so long ... :O Abner said he had to pry his hand off from around the drumstick, and Nicole was nursing the Singer's Saving Grace throat spray - LOL. (That stuff is miracle spray!) 

After all was said and done, THIRTEEN people had been filled with the Holy Ghost for the very first time! 

The preachers  -
Bro. Gonzales, Pastor Cortez, Elder Wakefield, Bro. Pablo, Bro. David, Bro. Isai, Bro. Loa, Bro. Baltazar, and Bro. Mario

Abner, me, and Nicole - worn out, but very happy from the past 3 days

Nicole, me, Gramma, and Grampa
(Abner and David peeking out from either side :)

Mom and Nicole

In front of the building we'd rented to have the services in

We call this picture "Abner waving goodbye to his fans".
He has a few :P

Nicole and her precious cotton candy (the street vendors walking down the street behind her head). 

After church, we went out for dinner with our visitors! Finally - time time to sit down, take a deep breath, and fell.ow.ship. Yay! 

Sis. Wakefield, Elder Wakefield, Bro. Loa, Bro. Gonzales, Sis. Gonzales, Mom, and Dad

Austin, me, Nicole, Israel, and Cesiah
Thank you to the Gonzales family for coming and visiting Puebla. We enjoyed your ministry and our people absolutely love you all! We hope to have you again soon!
To those of you that constantly keep the churches of Mexico and the Wakefield families in your prayers - thank you!



Jennifer Connell said...

Wow! God is sooo good! I really enjoyed reading about those people seeking the Holy Ghost for years that finally got it. Gives us hope over here! lol

Kim Ramos said...

What an awesome testimony! Love hearing about all the people getting the Holy Ghost!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Thank you, ladies! We are still rejoicing and looking forward to what else God has in store for Mexico this year!


Cesiah Gonzalez said...

We LOVE being with you guys!!! It was amazing to see such a powerful move of God!! We miss you all and we WILL be going back soon :) God bless you!!

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Cesiah - Awww! Thanks for commenting! You guys are welcome back anytime - We LOVE your family!


Cesiah Gonzalez said...

Your welcome!! And we love you all too!!

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