Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Potluck Party

The day after our special Christmas service, we had a church dinner. We had such a good time of fellowship with the church family!

Cute little Fabby
Hna. Marisol
Bryan and Austin
We played the same cookie game that we used on Bethany's birthday.... This game never fails to be hilarious! Here is Pastor showing the men how to play. He gave his "tips and tricks", like how to scrunch up your face just the right way... Usually players will take their time in working the cookie down to their mouth, but Hno. Baltazar caught on very quickly....

So quickly that I didn't even get a picture! I'm not quite sure how he did it, but it took him about 3 seconds to win this game. 

Next up was something that I, Nicole, thought would be fun! Gingerbread houses!
 Now, it did turn out to be fun and funny, but since I am very experienced in gingerbread house building, I didn't really know what I was doing frosting-wise. I found a recipe that supposedly was just amazing. Maybe the glue was amazing, but us humans lacked a bit. Haha.
We showed pictures of gingerbread houses to give the teams ideas, and then we started.
Team #1 Milka and Ricardo

Team #2 Hna. Rocio, Sara, and Choyo

Team #3 Hna. Carmen, Jerameel, and Ana Belen

Now the houses that we showed the teams as examples were American style gingerbread houses...
The results were very Mexican. :)) 
Houses here don't have sharp peaks like houses in the U.S. 
All in all, the results were pretty good!
Team #1!

Team #2!

And... Team #3!
The happy winners!

We played a game where one person had a Bible character on their forehead. Everyone could see it but them. Everyone has to yell out hints of who the character is. 

Choyo's brains get replaced by nervousness when he plays this game! 
At the beginning of the get-together, everyone took a guess at how many chocolates were in this glass jar. Would you guess who won.....
This guy! 
I was in charge of checking all the entries and was quite surprised to find out that Austin's guess was just one number away from the correct amount! I had to assure everyone that there had been no cheating! :))

And with that, we started to clean and pack up everything!
Here we are expressing our joy of  the beginning of holiday break with song and dance! :))

^Google made this little motion picture all by itself from my pictures! (Kind of scary) LOL^

I hope you all had an equally fun time with you friends and family over the holidays! 


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Tselot "Coco" Kifle said...

Looks like a blast!
I love the family oriented environment.

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