Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Field Trip

A couple Fridays ago we decided to get together with Elder Wakefield's school kids and go to Los Ahuehuetes for some fun in the sun. It was Mexico's Easter break.

While the boys ran around and played, the adults sat under a tree while Elissa entertained us, basically! Here, Elder Wakefield is asking Elissa when she would like to be baptized. She is listening intently!

Me and the little Miss

Some very delicious-looking (but disgusting) ice cream :)

Because it was spring break, there were tons of tents set up with people selling food and drinks. YAY!

On our way home we saw this oooold house with a tree growing on it.

Los Ahuehuetes is in a town called Tepeojuma and it is just green, green, green! 
This is a corn field...

Cows :)

A beeeautiful day!

In the entrance to the little pueblo, there are vendors set up on the highway. Since they grow tons of corn here, they specialize in all things corn-related. I picked up some deeeelicious grilled corn on a stick and some corn tamales. Of course all tamales are made of corn, but these have actual grains of corn in them, they are yellow and taste like sweeeet corn. The highlight of my day!

The little restaurant-shacks along the highway. You'd never know by looking at them what treasures they behold!

If you have never had grilled corn on a stick....try it! Find some corn on the cob with the husks still on them. I wrap mine in foil as well then put them straight on the fire on the stove, on low. Turn the corn every so often...I'm not sure how long it takes, but it does take a while! More than 15 minutes, maybe more than 20. Just keep it on there until the cornies are soft! Then shuck it, and put some mayo and cheese on there and...Wooooooo!! You've got yourself an extremely delicious snack.

Now, this is white corn that we get in Mexico. I am not talking about yellow American corn. I don't know how yellow corn would turn out. Yellow corn seems to be pretty good all by itself. Mexican corn, however, needs a little help to get it tasting decent.

Hoe you've enjoyed this episode of  "Cooking With Beth"! :)


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Leonardo Sanchez said...

Yellow corn is also good with mayo, Parmesan cheese, and some chili powder. But I prefer corn on the cob wrapped in bacon. Wrap it in foil and throw it on the grill for a few hours and it is very good.

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