Monday, May 12, 2014

Crazy Beginning, Good Ending

We had an awesome Sunday last week! We worked hard all weekend getting Sunday school props ready. It was the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We put a lot of time into this lesson and it turned out GREAT!
Little Miss Beatrice

Craft time!
 (These Sunday school pictures were taken on an iPhone and accidentally had a filter automatically added - whoops! We do not mean to make everybody look like they just got a bad spray tan.)

Sis. Marisol teaching the Bible verse

Brother Valentin was teaching the lesson, I was hiding behind the puppet theater ready to start the sound effects. The lights were off in the church, and when he got to the part about Jesus being crucified, the spotlight was shone on to the cross. I started with the lightning and thunder sounds. It sounded like chaos! The kids' eyes were HUGE! When Bro. Valentine got to the part about Jesus being put in the tomb, we opened it up so the kids could look inside - we had a man in there covered in a white sheet. It was still all dark in the sanctuary, but we'd put a black light in the tomb to make Jesus wrapped in the sheet really stand out. 
The kids went and sat back down after seeing "Jesus" in the tomb. Bro. Valentin then told the kids that Jesus rose on the third day. The stone was rolled away from the tomb and shock of all shocks.... The sheet was neatly folded and the tomb was empty! 

It was a very exciting lesson, even the adults were very engrossed in the story. 


Abner comes over on Sundays to play the drums for us. When he got to the church he started setting up the drums and tinkering around. I was on the piano getting ready to start the service when I see Abner with a funny look on his face and my dad talking to him.  It was the look of "deer in the headlights". Turns out my dad was asking him if he had anything to preach.
After a long "uuhhhhhhhhhh...." he said that yes, he had something. He then walked off the platform and went upstairs to print his message. 
Church gets going and I'm wondering what in the world my drummer is doing. After a few minutes, Abner walks in the back door and starts mouthing something to me. He knows I can't read his lips (ever) so I just roll my eyes at him.  I am on the piano....what can I do??? So Nicole *also* walks off the platform to go help him out...leaving me alone on the platform to play and sing all by my lonesome. (Turns out they could not get either of the TWO printers upstairs to work, so he couldn't print his notes).

All of this to say that I lost my main singer and drummer for the whole.entire.service. Frustrating.

HOWEVER! Once we got past that, we had an awesome service! Just goes to show that the piano player can be in a bad mood, the preacher can be flustered, not have his notes printed out, and you can still have a great move of the Holy Ghost!

There is a man in our church who got the Holy Ghost for the first time many years ago, but had not spoken in tongues since then. He said that God started dealing with him during the Sunday school lesson! He testified that during the service he began repenting and getting his heart right with God. After the preaching he came up to the altar and God filled him with the Holy Ghost once again!

Through this Sunday school program we started last year, we are not only reaching the kids of our colonia, but their parents, and even the adults of our own church. Good things are happening! 


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