Monday, May 26, 2014

Jack's Travesuras

9 Reasons Why I Hate Jack and 1 Reason Why Nicole Hates Him and I Like Him

1. He chewed up a piece of tile.
2. Chewed the handles off of an ice bucket.
3. Spilled three buckets of paint all over the porch, at the same time. At 6 a.m.
4. Opened a bag of fertilizer and distributed its contents all over the porch.
5. Broke the broom.
6. Shattered a flower pot.
7. Chewed an umbrella to pieces.
8. Chewed up his toys, which sounds ok, but now he doesn't have any toys. LOL.
9. Had to get stitches in two places on his head from getting in a dog fight (other dog shall remain anonymous - ha).
10. Made Nicole fall face-first down the stairs (in her Sunday best), then when she landed, he continued attacking her with kisses as she laid on the concrete. (I'm so sad to have missed out on seeing this one).

He looks so innocent. Not so, my dears! 
I would like to stand and testify, however, that among all the things he has destroyed, he has not gotten any shoes or personal items yet. Thank God! I'll take a bag of dirt and a few brooms over him chewing up my purse or getting in the bathroom trash, any day.


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