Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jack the Bull Terrier

Many months ago, Austin got on a kick of bull terriers. He was asking about them, reading about them, dreaming about them. Dad had one when he was a teenager and has tons of funny stories about his bull terrier, Leo, and his quirky personality. Austin got it in his head that he wanted one. The only problem is that they are extremely rare here in Mexico. Extremely! But Austin was determined. He started praying and believing God for a dog of his own. Specifically, a bull terrier. He absolutely bugged the tar out of us, and especially Dad, with his constant talk of his dog. 

We would find Austin hanging out the window and random times in the day. When asked what he was doing his reply was, "Seeing if my dog is outside." 

He was relentless!!

He asked Dad one day if he thought God cared if he got a bull terrier or not. Dad thought about it for a few seconds then replied that no, God really didn't care if Austin got a bull terrier. God wants to save people, heal people. He is mostly worried about Austin's attitude if he never gets his dog. Thou shalt not covet! :) So for the past couple of months, the talk and questions lessened, but Austin's prayers continued.

Then we go to Uriangato a couple of weeks ago....

It was early one morning. Dad and Austin say they are going to walk down to the coffee shop to get breakfast. About 15 minutes passed and I hear someone knocking on the door. I yell "Who is it?" And Dad yells back, "It's me! We found something really neeeeat!" I honestly thought they were bringing me a parrot. My heart jumped, but my brain was saying "Ohhhh no....." Haha!!! I am enjoying this time in my life, being bird free, no animal responsibilities! I do not want another bird right now, but I knew as soon as I saw it my head would go to mush.
So I open the door..................and this little doggie snout pops its head through the door. WHAT?!!

Austin's answer to prayer.

He is a little snuggler! Likes to burrow and shove his snout into things and sleep.

Austin's buddy!


...back! :P

We went through many, manyyy names. It is Austin's dog so he was given the responsibility of naming him. Matthias, Charger, Challenger, Dude (that one was my idea....can you imagine?! Hey, Dude! Sit, Dude! Dude, get over here! Ahhhhh...! One day...)
Finally we settled on "Jack". I'm not completely sure why. But it is definitely fitting since lately, he has been tearing up jack! He is very mischevious...

Just to let our ever-faithful Beau know he hasn't been forgotten...
Beau wants to ride in the car too!


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Jennifer Connell said...

Aww! Haha! I like Austin's faith. It got him what he wanted! ;)Yay for him!

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