Wednesday, May 21, 2014


We've been averaging about one earthquake a week for the past month or so. This morning at five we had another one! I was sound asleep like a good little girl, but it actually woke Nicole up. Turns out it was a 5.6! Nicole says that she is willing to tell her part of the story, but that you'll have to call and I'll be screening them for trustworthiness. If you can't keep a secret, DON'T BOTHER CALLING.

Normally this would not be blog-worthy, but the earthquake knocked out the internet, which means we can't have school. I'm so disappointed! What are we going to do all day?? Oh I don't know...maybe get some tamales for breakfast. Maybe go downtown and enjoy a day in the sunshine? Maybe go sky diving?

The earthquake was so strong, I have no idea how it turned that candle perfectly upside-down! We were so shocked when we saw this scene - mostly shocked at our own creativity and perfect placement of strewn items.


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