Monday, September 2, 2013

Los Ahuehuetes - Summer

This past summer, back in the days when we did just plain awful in blogging, we had a special vacation day. The Monday after school ended, a bunch of us piled into our van and headed out to Los Ahuehuetes - a natural spring a couple hours from where we live. The drive out there is just beautiful! Fields and fields of corn and animals...

Pretty flowers!
 As tradition goes, we first stopped to pick up some meat to cook. This little boy and his horse were also stopped in front of the butcher's store.

This animal was running through the streets..
When we got to Los Ahuehuetes, the adults started cooking and the young people jumped straight into the water - of course!

Meat cooking on the fire

Hungry dog smelling the food cooking!

Fanning the fire

Mr. Austin
This time we brought our scuba diving idea ever! The water is so clear, and you can go under and see the water bubbling up from the ground and little fishies. It was incredible.

A perfect and relaxing day...

Little donkey... looking like he had a long, hard day :)


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