Friday, August 30, 2013

La Estrella de Puebla

A few weeks ago was the grand opening of "The Star of Puebla". It is a huge ferris wheel... But not just any ferris wheel! This one seats somewhere around 400 people and each little car is enclosed and air-conditioned. And the best part: 4 of the cars have glass floors...

The grand opening was very hoppin'! Lots of different activities going on.

However, the line was SO long. Thousands of people, with the line wrapped around the grounds.
We stood in line for approximately 5 minutes and then decided that we couldn't bear being behind so many people. Plus, there were still a couple hours before the wheel would be opened and the line would start moving! No way jose!
We decided to hang around for the light show.

A few days later we decided to give it another go! Shorter line!
We got there....

Took a few pics....

Got in line and found out that that day was part of a radio promotion and only for people who had won a ticket by listening to the radio! Well, we were not the only people to show up expecting a good time... We were told that MAYBE after ALL the people with tickets had gotten on the ride, then and only then would we be able to ride... MAYBE. So there we stood waiting for our chance.... And the line grew behind us, slowly but surely. After a little more than an hour of waiting, people started getting impatient, chanting "let us in" "LET US IN" :)) A few smarties like this lady below thought that they could connive her way into the ride before US, and the huge line behind us! Thankfully, it didn't work.
Almost 2 hours later, the nice ticket guy decided to let us through! Woohoo!

Once again in another line!

But atleast we had made it in!

Austin and I had fun in the line... We love torturing each other :D

This is torture for him... I love it! :)))
^You have to steal these real quick... :P Hence the blurriness hahaa. And hold down his arms to prevent injuries from any swinging... LOL^

The view from inside of one of the cars. The beauty of it all really couldn't be captured. It was amazing.
Something funny- Way high up in the air, all the way from the inside of the ferris wheel, we could lock our car! :)) Far, far away we could see the headlights flashing every time we hit the button on the key fob.

All in all, aside from the sneeze of the guy next to me that nearly made me jump out of my skin and die, the ride was quite peaceful and beautiful! Can't wait to go again... But next time I'm going for the car with the glass floor!


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