Wednesday, August 14, 2013

La Princesa Elisa

 Guess who is out of the hospital? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our little miracle baby, Elisa! She was in the hospital for the first 3 moths of her life. Only her parents and the two pastors were able to see her. Not even her own brother was able to see her until she was released from the hospital! But finally the day came...and we all fell in love.

It seems like the doctors questioned every part of her at some point or another. If it wasn't her brain, it was her kidneys, if it wasn't her kidneys, it was her eyes. After her eyes it was her lungs... and on and on. She did have to have heart surgery, but God has been with us and has touched her body -- she is completely fine now. 

She is the most perfect, beautiful, and tiny baby! Tiny! At 3 months old she is weighing 6 1/2 pounds. She weighed 2 lbs 9 oz when she was born.

I absolutely adore her, she is just too perfect! Her hands and feet are so tiny and delicate, not even as long as one of my fingers. Her nails are so perfect, skin is so soft, and her hair has a reddish tint when the sun shines on it... She could not be any more perfect.

Awwww! I think she is going to have the most perfect cheeks to kiss!

We posted a few months ago about her birth and asked for your prayers. So now we say thank you... 
We are so grateful to you all for your prayers and kind words of encouragment...
...and to God for the gift of life!



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Cherie said...

Thank God...what a beautiful post! Elisa is a doll!!

Kendra Thaler said...

Aw that is a miracle :) Thank you Jesus!

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