Friday, September 6, 2013

Good Church, Fun School, and a Ruined Night

Sunday church!

The new kids church program that we are doing is going good. Every Sunday we start out with kid's church with puppets and music and games. We started out with a few new kids and each service we are slowly growing in numbers. A few of the parents and kids stay for the second song service and preaching. (Which is the point!) So exciting.

This lady and her friend (the man to the side not quite in the pic) came for the second Sunday in a row. We are so excited to see what is in store for them! 

Monday school!

Breaktime with the boys...
Tug of war!
Arturo, Alejandro, Bryan, Fabian, and Eddy vs.......

...Marvin and Nan! :)) Not quite an even game!
^Marvin made break so fun on Monday for the boys that now during break they call to him, "Maestro, maestro, ven a jugar con nosotros!!" (Teacher, teacher, come play with us!) So, so precious.

 Jump rope
What you can't quite see on first glance is that Sis. Mom is jumping behind Dad!

I thought I was exempt from jumping rope because I was wearing high heels.... But after some very strong persuading I was forced to make a quick shoe change into a pair of shoes twice my size :))
It was like trying to jump rope in a pair of clown shoes! 

Look at this show-off jumping rope with push-ups! :))

 Marvin helping little Eddy

The Ruined Night.....

Everything was fun and games until Monday night. 
Adventures. Tragedy. :))
We hadn't been out of the house/colonia yet, so that evening, after prayer meeting, we decided that we wanted to go out for hamburgers from the best burger stand in Puebla, Alex Burguer! 
It was raining pretty strongly as we headed out.

Then the fun began. We were driving along when all of the sudden we notice all the cars slowly merging into the right hand lane. We looked ahead to see that road ahead dipped down into just a huge lake of water. The driver... Whose name starts with a C..... LOL. Decided that we could handle this "puddle" that every other car was avoiding like the plague! As soon as the front wheels touched the water, I remember thinking "We have made a huge mistake." But then, the car kept chugging along! And just as we were about to pull out of the lake, the car *dies*. 

Long story short the guys had to get out into knee deep water, in the rain, and push the car off to the side of the road.

Trying to jumpstart the van :( Still raining.
Poor guys :))

The grua (tow truck) truck hood couldn't stay up by itself. Marvin got the important job of holding it up :))
This tow truck guy finally left for a previous call, after not being able to start the car.

After about a total of 2 hours in the car calling around trying to get a tow truck, we finally got one and they pulled us up onto it, family and all :) This has to have been one of the most exciting, and scary rides I have ever been on. I think the same goes for the others in the car. No control, just grabbing onto the armrests and praying. LOL. All I could do was see visions of the van tipping off of the top of the grua.
Now the car is in the shop, with the diagnosis of a frozen motor. So sad. No car until Saturday.

Next day was just as dreary and rainy! Didn't quite stop the whole day.
But when it was time for P.E. we headed out!

The boys fell in love with Marvin from day one... They are going to miss him when he leaves!

Exercises before soccer!
^Push ups and jumping jacks were hilarious to watch... They really don't know how to do them :))^

Late night ice cream run on Wednesday :)

I'll be back in a few days with more... :)

Keep Mexico in your prayers! 


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Meagan Rowell said...

Lol Nicole and Marvin are so cute! I miss you guys!

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