Monday, September 30, 2013

All Good Things...

Warning: Picture-heavy post!
I'm trying to just do this all in one post so that we can move on to other 
events like conferencebaby showers, and such!
Bewaaaare :)))

Dinner with Elder and Sis. Wakefield. I love my grandparents!

   La Estrella de Puebla! The wind was pretty awful! It was Beth's first time to ride it, so she was pretty jumpy. :)) At one point both her and Austin were ready to have a heartattack, holdin' on for dear life!

 Then one night we went to Juanita's for molotes... Sooo good!!

Riding over in this was fun... (For the girls at least! LOL Not so much for Marv and Dad.)

Juanita (left) does not like to have her picture taken. She says she does not want to be "famous on the internet" :)) She always glares at us suspiciously when she catches us taking pictures..... Hahaha

Fun with guns :))

 Marvin and Abner
Saludos primo!! :)

 These two went crazy buying fireworks at this stand! So fun! >>

<< The mother of all fireworks-- The original "Sonrisa del Diablo" 
(The Devil's Smile)
This thing weighed a ton. The guy wouldn't even sell it to us on account of it being powerful-- it shatters windows of houses and cars... Basically a bomb. :D We love bombs. LOL.


How many people does it take to light a firework......LOL

 On the 15th we went downtown to hear "El Grito" --Literally transalated as "The Yell"... And that's basically what happens! A bunch of patriotic things, yelled. Very fun and massive crowds of people. 
For all our veteran blog readers, you might remember when we almost died from being trampled one year at this event! :))

The governor's mansion was beautiful!                                                              Beth and I                    

Breakfast at Los Bisquets Bisquets with the grandparents and the Voans!
Elder Sis. Wakefield and Sis. Voan - Precious ladies

Bro. Voan is always so entertaining with all his jokes and stories :))

Beautiful, beautiful Cholula.

The cathedral on top was all decorated!

Monster Cebu!

A ton has been happening so check back soon for more updates on the Wakefield families and Mexico!


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