Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Break With Asuri

Nicole and I were home alone for Spring break. We had no idea what we were going to do for a whole week with no school. We put our minds together and decided we would invite Asuri over for a sleep over! I'd been wanting to sleep outside and this was the perfect opportunity to act like a kid...for a good reason. So Nicole and I went out and bought marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, watermelon, and other fun "camping" foods. We were ready for a fun weekend! 

We set the tent up in the breezeway beside our house. We set up cement blocks then threw in some kindling and logs to create that authentic camping atmosphere :)

Asuri had never tried a s'more before. And even I, your faithful (actually unfaithful) American blogger had never tasted one. It's positively shameful!

Asuri said she liked it...I, however, am not a fan of marshmallows. Or whipped cream. Or anything that is like eating foamy air. So...s'mores and I shall remain arch enemies for life. They were fun to make though!

We sat around the fire for a while just chatting then went into our tent for the night. Asuri was curious about my phone so I was giving her the "tour". I also introduced her to Real Racing 3 - Hahha!

Nicole, of course, went straight to sleep.

After a little while of messing around on my phone, Asuri was good and tired. She layed down and was snoring in 30 seconds flat...
...When all of a sudden it started raining. UGH! Nicole and I jumped up, and ran to get a tarp to cover the tent. Sigh. It was an eventful night...on a cold cement ground. 

Asuri was up not bright, but definitely early. Too early for the sun to even be out. *YAWN*
When I woke up, I looked over and Nicole was gone. Come to find out, she'd gone inside sometime in the early morning to her nice, comfy bed. What?!!
So out Asuri and I came from our tents, and into the house to make breakfast.

Asuri then informed us that she is not much of a breakfast girl. Welllllllllll? ?.......what to do now??
I am not much of an entertainer at 6:30 in the morning!!
 Nicole and I are breakfast girls so Nicole made us a green smoothie. Doesn't that look so yummy?!
I don't remember exactly what we did, but eventually Nicole and her went into the kitchen to make chocolate chip cookies.

Oh yes...we had to call the gas guys to come and fill up our tank. Here Nicole is trying to light the water heater...with no luck. Oh, and Asuri in the back capturing it all.

Our future church piano player

I did her hair...

...Nicole helped her make a scarf..

Happy girl :)

We told her mom to come pick her up the next day at around 2. She did not come until after 9pm. 
We had a great time, but I'm pretty sure at some point Nicole and I looked into each other's eyes and muttered "never again".
 Ok well...not really. It was muttered, but not seriously. :D

Asuri went home, but Nicole and I continued with our spring break. I convinced her to sleep outside with me in the tent just one more time. I think I could do it every night! Camping really is nice...especially when you have a kitchen and nice bathroom right next door! ;)

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