Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fabian: Sent to Heal the Sick

 Yesterday, the third graders had an assignment in Spanish where they were supposed to write as if they were one of Jesus' chosen men sent out to heal the sick. They were to write it from their own point of view, using their own words. Fabian is quite the little writer and has a pretty decent church vocabulary. I thought his story was cute, so I thought I'd share!

On the trip, we were in the regions where Jesus had sent us to heal the sick and liberate people so they could be free all of their lives. Also Jesus told us, "Don't take anything. Don't even bring a lot of clothes." He also told us, "Shake the dust from your feet as a sign of rejection." We went around announcing the kingdom of God, teaching with power and authority. One day we were passing through a city and I saw a crippled man. I prayed for him and he was able to walk again.


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