Friday, March 22, 2013

Tangy....but Nasty

Has anyone noticed that the owners of this blog have NOT blogged in about a YEAR!??! I definitely have noticed. Someone needs to get on here and write something funny. The kids are all done with their tests so they are now having some free computer time.
Also...does anyone like the new background? I DO! Nicole says it's too girly...but, hello! We are girls. ..................At least *I* am............

I am currently sitting at Nicole's desk; she is at mine. We are learning about each other's working areas.

Actually what happened is I was sitting at my desk when suddenly I got a whiff of somethin'. It wasn't exactly bad, but it made me cough delicately and make an ugly face. This went on for about an hour. I searched high and low for where the smell was coming from. No food on my desk. No moldy food in the school kitchen. Best I could figure was one of the boys brought an interesting little lunch because their lunch pails are right next to my desk. I begged Nicole to trade desks with me. She agreed, but only if she could take my phone with her. So she is currently discovering what photo stream is and reading my texts...which means she is pretty entertained--Ha!

Anyways, back to the smell...
It was sweet, but nasty. Sugary, but dog-shake inducing.
Nicole sits down in my chair and immediately gets The Whiff. She says it smells familiar.
Suddenly she is a science experiment from earlier this week gone bad. It was in the trash, but it was definitely still alive and kicking. So she took care of the dirty little bag of trash.

But we are still at each other's desks. Sometimes you just need to see the world from different eyes. Walk a mile at someone else's desk. She has this wonderful ray of sunlight that comes in over her desk every morning. It probably is frying her laptop, but it sure does feel good on the back of my head.

Great news: Next week is spring break! GLORY TO THE LORD ON HIGH!!!!! The coolest part is that we have been so busy the past few weeks, we did not even realize we had such a wonderful ocassion coming up. No time to pine after it, which is obviously a blessing from the Lord.
We (I am speaking in faith concerning my sister) are planning on getting our act together and having some GREAT posts this next week! And no, I am not exaggerating. I pretty much think I have the coolest blog post ever all written up (in my mind). Need to get it out on the proverbial paper.

So may the world sing in perfect harmony, and the sun continue to shine...........

Yours very very truly, sincerly and from the bottom my heart,



Elias Martinez said...

Your blog needs more food pics. lol jk

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Refer to previous post. LOL


Anonymous said...

I DO like it. It's cute! Love, Mom

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