Monday, March 4, 2013

Let Me Introduce You to Our Boys

I thought I'd introduce you all to our kids here at school and tell you a little about each one. We have six students...all of them are boys. They each have a nickname that Nicole and I have given them. I'll put those in the caption of each picture!

Arturo (the one pushing the cart) is 11 years old and in 6th grade. He is the only one of our boys that have the Holy Ghost! According to his mother, Arturo is the smartest one in his family. *Ahem* At the beginning of the year, he really struggled with his subjects, but just last week, he made all 100's on his tests! Progress!! We were very proud.
He has the best handwriting out of all the kids, and is a kinesthetic learner, meaning he loves to work with his hands. If anyone can think of a way to incorporate Legos into school work, I'm sure this guy would be eternally grateful.
Goes by the nickname "Trejo"

Alejandro is Arturo's brother. He is 9. He is in third grade and is one of my favorite kids to work with. He is not lazy; he always comes to school ready to get to work. However, he does have some pretty bad handwriting LOL! We are working on that! He is very good at math, usually is very quick to grasp new concepts.
A-l-e...creative, I know!

This is Bryan. He is 10 and is in 5th grade. I would say he is the smartest of all our boys. He is good at working independently, which takes a load off of Nicole and I. He also has pretty good reading comprehension which is something the majority of the other boys struggle with.
Sometimes he comes to school and right away I can see it's going to be "one of those days". He can be one of the hardest worker and other days....It's obvious he left his drive at home! Bryan is our #1 Bible verse memorizer. He does such a great job!
Fabian...oh, Fabian! Some of you will remember Fabian's first appearance on this blog. He is our little sweetheart! He is 9 years old and in 3rd grade. I think he is the one we have the hardest time disciplining because he's so sweet! He is also known as our little daydreamer. I don't know what all he has to think about, but mannn! He could sit in his spinning desk chair all day with his eyes wandering all around, deep in thought. Everyday we are telling him, "Fabian, look at your lesson...Fabian, get busy! Get your mind on your work and out of the clouds!" Hehe! He is probably the church's most-beloved little boy, most likely because his parents are not in church. We are all rooting for him!
He is a little smarty pants. He does great memorizing the weekly verses and knows ALL of his multiplication tables!
Fabz or!

And here's Eddy!! He my little student. He is sooo smart and a JOY to work with! He is so adorable, sometimes while trying to teach him a new concept his eyes just get all big and he makes me smiiiiiile! He is 8 years old and in 2nd grade. He can also be a bit of a daydreamer; Nicole and I catch him playing airplanes and cars with his pencils all.the.time. Haha! Sometimes we'll just sit back and watch him for a bit before telling him to get to work. He's too cute!

And last, but of course, not least...Nan! He has so many names. Caleb, Nan, Namaan, Josue...
Here at school he goes by Nan. He is 7 and is in kindergarten. Nicole works exclusively with him. He's been our most challenging student. He came into this not knowing how to read, write, count, etc. Nicole has worked with him and showed infinite patience. He has now started to read small words, write, and can count to 60! For a while it seemed we took one step forward, and two steps back. He struggled to even talk in full sentences. He's growing little by little. He's a bit of a slow learner, but is making progress.
And ooooh buddy, can he play soccer! He gets pretty intense out on the field.
Referred to as "Little Guy"

I probably should have done this post at the beginning of the school year, but I just barely got the idea a couple weeks ago! I'm a little slow :)
I hope you all have enjoyed getting to "meet" our little men! 

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post. I would so enjoy seeing updates on these little men and their progress. You ladies are doing a great job!!!

Erica Booker

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