Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coconut Milk

Have you ever wondered how "they" make coconut milk?
Well I haven't either!! HAHAHAHA. But I did say that I would post this week and looky here! It is Saturday night and I have nothing. So I have gone into our beloved drafts folder where there is an overabundance of pictures and events that need to be documented on this little blog.

Since "going green", green smoothies, eating raw and all that kind of wonderful and fabulous things seem to be the new rage, I thought some of you might find this to be interesting.

So here is how we make coconut milk!

1. Get a coconut...duh.

2. Poke a hole in it with an icepick.

3. Drain all the juice out of it and into a container.

4. Get a machete and get to choppin'!

5. Examine your handy work.

6. Put the coconut meat in the blender with some water and the very coconut milk that came inside it. Blend, blend, blend!

7. Strain it all through a cheese cloth

8. Pour it into a cute container

9. Look upon your beautiful, healthy milk

10. Enjoy!

Personally, I do not touch the stuff. I think because I went in expecting it to taste like milk. It is called coconut milk. But it no taste like milk!
Just a warning. 
So there you have it. Coconut milk in 10 easy steps!! (Although #4 is not so easy, but hey. Who said going raw is easy?)

If anyone is actually interested in knowing the exact measurement of water you're supposed to add just leave a comment. I'm confident Nicole would be happy to bestow knowledge upon you.



Mary Frances said...

OMW your doing Raw Vegan???

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Noooooo, but we are into the whole green smoothie thing! Well, most of us. And other healthy coconuts...and coconut milk!


Meagan Rowell said...

Lol that's really cool! I'll have to try!!

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