Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Caramel Apple Pops!

El Pastor has been in the US for the past few weeks. Obviously, Nicole and I have been down here in Mexico. A couple of weeks ago, my parents were in Arizona preaching for Elder Garrett. There is a sweet lady in the church there that reads this blog and leaves us comments every so often. Her and my mom got to talking and Sis. Gardner mentioned something about me liking caramel apples. I'm not sure how it all went, but in the end, Sis. Gardner said she was going to bring a bag of these wonderful caramel apple pops to church for my dad to bring back to Mexico. 
......Little did she know how HARD it would be to find some! According to my mother, Sis. Gardner was texting her friends, searching high and low for a bag of these suckers when after MUCH footwork.....she found one! 
As some of you know from reading this blog, I looooove caramel apples, but they do not have them here! They do not even sell caramel so we could make our own. As you can understand, I walk around constantly with a hole in my heart. ;)

But now.....my heart is full. The caramel apple pops made it all the way down to Puebla, Mexico!
 They are even better than I remembered. I love them! 
I'm going to have maybe one a week; ration them out to last a looong time :D
 Thank you, Sis. Gardner!


Cherie said...

I'm sure those were WAY better than your perfume-coated ones LOL!!

imcyndi said...

Ohhh so cool! I love caramel apples... my fav:)Ya know you can make home made caramel.. sooo yummy. If they have sweetened condensed milk you can boil in the can for about 2 hours and let cool and you have rich creamy caramel to dip apples, pineapple, anything you can find... probably not tamales though... *LOL*

Jess said...

Lol what Cyndi said! I was totally coming to comment to say making your own is easy! All you need is sugar, butter, cream, vanilla, and salt. Using the condensed milk *is* a bit safer though and has no chance of burning! :)

amygardner said...

You are soooo very welcome! Glad we could find them! And now...we just found a place - a whole BOX of them for $4-ish. I may just become a caramel apple sucker packrat! lol!!!
Every time I see caramel apples in stores I always think of the Wakefields - just so you know. And because they are plentiful here in the states, you are thought of often. Isn't that nice? I do tend to go overboard on things and I was thinking of loading your father down with bags and bags of those lil things but...I refrained. Next time, though...beware and prepare!

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