Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend with the Grandparents!

This morning we went out for breakfast with our grandparents. Beth and I are staying with them for the weekend. We are all so busy with our schools that we never are able to stay with them that much-- this actually is the first time since the start of the school year that we have been able to stay over with them!  We are enjoying our little visit with our sweet grandparents.
 This is the same place that I had my birthday at a couple years back! They have amazing cafe de olla and delicious breakfasts!
This is a window showing into the kitchen where they make fresh tortillas. Mmm...
Grampa eating his breakfast :)
^His breakfast was called "Huevos al albanil"-- Construccion worker's scrambled eggs.... Funny name for eggs! :)))^

 Myyy wonderful meal: Quesadillas Los Almuerzos and cafe de olla!
Amazing amazing... Best breakfast you can find in Puebla!
Yesterday was our wonderful, sweet Gramma's birthday! We weren't able to post yesterday because we had visitors down and were without internet the whole day...
This lady right here is amazing! She is the perfect example of just what a woman of God should be like... Loving, kind, and so caring... and she can cook like nobody's business!
We love you Gramma, so so much!
Los Almuerzos is known for their churros...
Beth's breakfast

And here we are blogging right now.... Guess who hated the picture?
(Hey! This can also double as our Valentine's picture...)


Kathy McElhaney said...

Aw, your Gramma is so cute and sweet! Happy birthday, Sis. Wakefield!

amygardner said...

Happy Birthday from Glendale, AZ! Rac (my 7-year-old) is excited about those baby kittens! (no, not the run over ones, the newer ones you will be having soon.) Send 'em on out with whoever comes to our church next. haha.
I must admit I was behind on my "Wakefield news". I have been working on our school's yearbook and it consumes all free time.
So it was a very pleasant treat to have your father speak to our congregation this morning!

Your father testified on your behalf this morning in our service...PRAISE BE TO GOD!

Anali said...

My my my, my mouth was watering. If I end up going over there you guys need to take us there !! Lol I haven't had café de la olla since I was in Mexico in 2010.....sigh hahs

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