Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Conceited Post by Nicole

 Good morning peeps! Hmm hmm... Well, I will just do a quick little post for you all about my birthday celebration(s). Yep. I had more than one!
Here's how it went:
On Sunday morning (my actual birthday) for some reason, I woke up at 6am!
Since I was strangely wide awake, I decided that I would enjoy the sunrise...
Nice quiet time before everyone else woke up....
We switched things up this year-- I had another morning birthday!
Along with now being 20,  I'm also armed and dangerous! ;P
YES. Among other gifts, I was given a KNIFE by some crazy person (Bro. Dad.)! But obviously it is my favorite present since its the only pic I'm posting of presents.... :D
Let's take a moment to let this bit of information sink in....
Nicole with a knife.
Nicole in an emergency situation with a knife.
I can do this.... I can do this....
*lamaze breathing*
Also, since having taken this picture I have learned some pretty neat superhero moves with my knife, and no longer hold it like a sissy. Just kidding.
...but I am holding it here like its a teacup or something....
Oh, I'm so ashamed. :)))
 Sunday night we had a good service and
I got a picture with my little valentine :)
Birthday kiss! :*
This little boy lights up my world... I love him so much!
Sunday night Beth, Bro. Daddy and I went out to eat...
Then late at night I ate some really nasty cake with some amazing Blue Bell ice cream...
^Nasty cake courtesy of my patron saint, Lady Mermaid Starbucks.^
Stick to making coffee, hon. Please. 
Elder and Sis. Wakefield were out of town on my birthday, but when they got back we got together for a little party :)
^Gramma bringing in my real birthday cake! ^
See how devious these people are?? Trying to sneakily position themselves next to me for my mordida...
Makin' my wish... I take this seriously guys! ;P
So what was I wishing right here?
Take a guess!
Nicole was wishing for...
A. another knife, B. a trip to Antarctica, C. for the old Whit to come back, or D. none of the above.
(Find the answer at the end of the post!)
This is the first mordida that I have gotten away with with OUT ending up with cake all over my face!! They key is to take the bite BEFORE everyone has time to get into chanting "Mordida! Mordida!" Hahahaa. ....They made me do another mordida, because supposedly doing what I did was cheating! I still got away without cake on my face. :) Score! Hahaa.
I'm not big on posting up totally unflattering pictures of myself on this blog, therefore the blocked out face. LOL. This is just proof for you all that I did do a mordida this year!
Then presents were opened, we drank coffee, ate cake, visited, and looked fondly upon Hayde's tummy. Hahahaa :)) --thats our new thing to do at get togethers. LOL.
Then when we were properly exhausted, we made our way out the door...
I guess this post is about me and all, and I'm really cool-- I know! But come on, what happened in the picture taking of this family night?? There are honestly no pictures of other people.... What a way to start out my 20th year... Being all conceited... Hahaa :)
I hope you all enjoyed this post of 30 pictures of me.
Check out the blog tomorrow
to see something that will knock your socks off...
You might laugh. You might get angry.
You might just stare at your screen in silent shock like this:
We did all three when we left my party and walked outside to get in our car and leave...
Oh, and the answer to the multiple choice is D. none of the above!
Hahaaaaaa. ;)

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