Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cinderella Play

Nicole and I went to a Cinderella play. It was the cutest thing!! In our historical downtown, we have a beautiful theater. I had never been there, and was a little surprised at how nice it was. 

There was not a full house when we got there, and we noticed this suspicious young man hunched down in his seat. Looked like he was trying to hide. We figured he secretly adored Cinderella, but was ashamed.

The fairy godmother

Cinderella and her evil stepmother

At the ball, the started dancing to beautiful symphony music when suddenly it cut out and they started dancing "Gangnam style". It was funny because I had just barely learned what that even was, and here they were hopping around the stage like that. They whole play was in Spanish, but they also danced to "get your kicks on route 66".

The "handsome" prince and the hilarious king

After the play, we walked down to the Zocalo, which is the center of Puebla.

There was an ice sculptor exhibition, with actual ice carvers working and making the sculptures while people watched.

I think this was a seahorse. 

We then went out for something hot to drink...

This is the governor's palace, all decorated for Christmas.

So pretty!


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