Thursday, February 7, 2013

News and Storytime with Nicole

Well, its Nicole here, ready to give just a little update on what has been going on in our everyday life here in Puebla Mexico!
First event to cover:
Two words: Root Canal.
I know, a lot of you might think "Ahhhh root canal! Scary!". But actually I'm quite the calm shot-taker these days.... Lordy what with all the needles I've gotten poked with in the past year, I'm a PRO! :)) And the drilling doesn't phase me like it used to when I was 5 and my dad had to hold down my legs so I wouldn't kick the dentist.
....Ahhh, the good days...... Bahaha ;)
Next up:
Fundraising for the school building!
Yes we are taking advantage of the "holiday season". :)) We'll be selling baked goods, tamales, etc. We gotta get a move-on with the building project!
I was sure that my back was permanently out of commission after I finished piping all these hearts! Augh. But miraculously I woke up able to stand straight up! Hahaha.

Bro. Dad and Beth have up and left me all by lonesome until tomorrow afternoon! ;P There's a special service over at the Loa's church today and tomorrow-- Bro. Dad went because, well, he wanted to and has the time, and Beth went because she is Evengelista Abner's personal assistant/secretary, so of course she had to go to make sure he had his preaching notes, tie, etc. Hahahaa.
Tio Mario and Tia Hayde also went with Bro. Dad and Beth for the services.
I am super bummed that I'm not going to be there, but as Bethany told me last night, "You're too responsible for your own good." Just because there's some good preaching to be heard, and some fun visiting to be had with Americano and Mexicano friends, I just couldn't bring myself to cancel school! The show must go on! ...Or in this case, the school must go on!
But! Even though I could not be there for the fun road trip, I am going to be there in spirit!
My spirit will manifest itself through my baking! :)))
Whats a long trip without food, anyways??
I love making food for people who appreciate it! And nobody appreciates my baking more than my tio and primo! :D I made everything with them in mind. :)
Behold! Red Velvet Cakesters!
^This also was my opportunity to get feedback and some taste-testing done on some of what we'll be selling for Valentine's day!^
All packed and ready to go on the trip!
I just couldn't bear the thought of anyone suffering from hunger (or munchies ;P), so I also whipped some of these wonderful little cinnamon donut muffins this morning....
These are amazing.

 And here we have arrived with a little school update.
Today, being a Thursday, meant just a lot of correcting papers and studying for their weekly test on Friday! It usually goes smoothly...
But today seemed to go a bit more roughly! I have no idea why... Its like my kids left their brains in their sock drawer this morning. Hahahahaaha! :)))
My little kiddo is working on learning his numbers up to 40 this week, and in an exercise where he had to write 30 through 40, he wrote all of his numbers backwards!! :/
He was supposed to write: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.
What he actually wrote: 30, 31, 23, 33, 43, 53, 63, 73, and so on.....
He started out good, but I guess his brain hiccuped or something.... LOL.
(Yes, we do think there is a possibility that he struggles with dyslexia or some other learning difficulty... Patience is key.)
Then another kid tried to tell me that Juarez became president for the second time at the age of 10..... Wow, I wonder how old he was the first time he was president!
Musta been an ambitious little kid, that Juarez!
And these are all the "behavior sticks" that I've taken this week...... (I also collected a toy today!)
Sometimes I get a whole pile of them on my desk and I wonder, "Am I that mean teacher that every little kid dreads to face in school?" But then, "No, I'm not!! Just turn in your homework on time honey, and quit talking and laughing while you're supposed to be doing school, and I won't get on to you!"
I have horror stories from high school, all about this one teacher who was the very strictest that I have ever had... She was a yes ma'am, no sir kind of lady, that pushed you to always do your best. She could make you feel like an idiot (for lack of a better word HAHA) and if she gave you a compliment on your work, you know you deserved it!
 On the first day of school of my freshman year I was late to class (Not my fault! A teacher stopped me to talk! :)),  and didn't want to cause a disturbance in the middle of her lecture so I just quietly slipped into a desk on the back row. Boy was that ever a mistake!! She stopped right in the middle of her lesson to give me a dressing down. It went something along the lines of, "Where do you think you are young lady?!? Your living room?! You can get up and stand waiting until I assign you your seat!"
Talk about harsh.
But you want to know the funniest thing? When she finally assigned my seating, she put me in the same. exact. seat. that I had sat down in.
Ahhhh! :( Hahaahahahaha!
The legends of this teacher are known throughout all the grades and strike fear into the hearts of all the youngsters that know they will have her in the upcoming years....
But guess what. She earned my respect.
She was always in control of her class, and pushed every one of her students to be the best they could be. There was no slacking allowed, and being prepared for class was top priority--heaven help you if she caught you borrowing a pen from your classmate. She was hands down the very best teacher in the school. And if you showed yourself to be a hard worker and respectful, she showed another side of herself-- a sweet lady with a good sense of humor... If I were asked who my favorite teacher was, out of all of the teachers I've had, I would definitely say this woman was the best.
(Though you wouldn't catch me saying that back when I was first getting used to her! LOL)
Now my second period class teacher was a whooole 'nother story... That Ms. let the kids control the class, and was very lax about rules... For example, that was were I drank my morning coffee. HAHA. Hey, if she didn't care, I didn't care! :))) ...And then she tries to go and say that I talk to much...!! Ha! 
My goodness! You think I'm going to be able to shut my mouth when I have 16 oz. of Starbucks House Blend running through my veins?? :))))
Whew! All that to say, I'm working on being like my "mean" teacher! ;)
A good teacher is one that expects the best and most out of her students...
*Amen, preach it girl!* :)))
So to all my kiddos-- Watch out! I'm inspired to crack down even MORE! Hahahahaa :))
What else has happened?
Our third, and last kitten got run over! :(
^This is also the third kitten to get run over^

And ironically, the next bit of news is......
Mama's pregnant again!
Look at that belly...
Maybe she'll teach this batch how to look both ways before crossing the street!

Pues, this has been news and story time with Nicole! ;)
Hope you enjoyed!


Hanna said...

Haha, I enjoyed reading this.

Can you teach me your baking skills? Those cakesters look extremely delicious! And the donuts! You do a good job. Feel free to share the love/recipes lol :)

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

Oh my :)) They were super easy!! Basically two cookies with frosting in the middle. Anyone can do it :) I'm glad you think they look good-- hopefully everyone else thinks the same when we go out to sell them!


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